Ashram Life

November 2015 – Integral Yoga Key Teaching

“Nobody can cause us difficulty without God’s Will. These people are simply acting as instruments of God. He uses them to give us some experience. It is all for our education and for our benefit. It we think that way, we won’t project a negative vibration towards the people we feel are causing us difficulty…. Read more »

Integral Yoga Key Teaching of the Month – May 2015

“What is the sign of a healthy person? You are happy everywhere. You are relaxed everywhere. You are at ease. You are in peace within and without. You hate none. You dislike none. Total Love, universal love emanates from you. There’s no tension anywhere. No stress anywhere. No friction anywhere. That is the sign of… Read more »

Integral Yoga Key Teaching of the Month – April 2015

The sun is always shining whether clouds are there or not. The mind may pass through some of these cloudy periods, but as the knower, you can enjoy the show. Enjoy the mind and its play.

Integral Yoga Key Teaching of the Month – March 2015

“Those who are of a joyful spirit are called spiritual people.” ~H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda If you would like to share your thoughts, experiences or ask a question about this teaching, please join the discussion on Facebook.