Satchidananda Thapovanam
Kandy Reopening!

On December 22, 2016, Satchidananda Thapovanam in Kandy will reopen its doors in service to the people of Sri Lanka and visitors from all parts of the world. The Thapovanam will be a hub for spiritual seekers of all traditions and a place of interfaith harmony.

What Makes Mindfulness Work?

Amy Weintraub wants to understand why Yoga works. For over 20 years, her work has broken ground in the field of mental health—her evidence-based treatments use asana, mudras, mantras, meditations (and more) to alleviate anxiety and depression for a variety of patients. In a recent interview with PsychCentral, she offered a personal look into her own… Read more »

Fall Programming Preview

This Thursday marks the first day of Fall— when the world begins to curl inward, preparing for winter’s peace. It’s a favorite time for many—including many at Yogaville. This season, we’re excited to host several workshops and events that will foster self-reflection and gratitude, helping you lay a clear foundation for your goals in the… Read more »

Recipe: Hollyhock Dressing

After posting our most popular recipe, The Amazing Almond Dressing, we were flooded with email requests for others—chiefly the Hollyhock Dressing, a staple of our summer salad bar. This light dressing is an savory twist oil-and-vinegar. Hollyhock Dressing Yields: about 1/2 quart Ingredients: 1/3 cup tamari 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar 1/3 cup water 1 cup olive oil 1 cup nutritional yeast Directions: Blend… Read more »

Sow What?

Do you ever lie in bed at night, wondering what the future holds? Swami Satchidananda offers some advice for how to plan your future—excerpted from The Golden Present. Question: Would you please speak about what you foresee in the future, for the next ten or twenty years? Sri Gurudev: I don’t worry about the future. If you… Read more »

Bigger Body, Less Stress

Yoga is widely recognized as an antidote to stress. But in mass media, it’s common to see the practices demonstrated by young athletes who have had years of conditioning. Unintentionally, these images can make Yoga seem reserved for a rare group of people. Meera Kerr, a curvaceous yogi and creator of Big Yoga, knows that Yoga’s stress-relieving… Read more »

Lovelight Festival + Integral Yoga

Lovelight, the 3-day interactive Art and Movement festival in Darlington, MD, begins in one month. The festival celebrates the evolution of Yoga and spirituality, from the roots of the 60’s counterculture to the studio and expressive art movements of today. (Think of it as a Woodstock reprise.) With headliners Krishna Das, Trevor Hall, and Dharma… Read more »

Finding Your Guru

Next week we celebrate Guru Poornima, a festival where devotees honor and express gratitude to their spiritual teachers. Although Sri Gurudev Swami Satchidananda is no longer in the body, his wisdom lives on through his Integral Yoga teachings. But what is a guru—and how do we find one? Sri Gurudev offered these timeless answers in talks that he… Read more »

Satima’s Caribbean Callaloo Soup

If you’ve eaten at Yogaville in the past few months, you may have experienced the pleasure of enjoying a meal prepared by Satima. A well-seasoned cook, Satima weaves a tapestry of perfectly balanced spices into her dishes. Her recent Callaloo Soup had us clamoring for seconds—and thirds. The recipe is brimming with seasonal veggies that are friendly to any budget. Satima’s… Read more »

Q & A with the World

June 21st marks the International Day of Yoga, an effort supported by 175 nations. The date coincides with the Summer Solstice, a significant time for Yoga, according to India’s Prime Minister: “On the day of the summer solstice, Adiyogi (the first yogi) turned south and first set his eyes on the Saptarishis or Seven Sages, who… Read more »