On Faith

So, everyone has faith. But faith in what? In something or in somebody? It doesn’t matter who or what it is, as long as you have faith.

November 2015 – Integral Yoga Key Teaching

“Nobody can cause us difficulty without God’s Will. These people are simply acting as instruments of God. He uses them to give us some experience. It is all for our education and for our benefit. It we think that way, we won’t project a negative vibration towards the people we feel are causing us difficulty…. Read more »

Heal Yourself

In Yoga you can bring health to yourself by eating the proper food, taking enough rest, fasting to eliminate all the toxins, and doing Yoga postures, while avoiding any which may aggravate pains you have.

At a Certain Level You Can See Both Sides

Very true. When you know that everything is God and when you are experiencing everything as God, then you don’t even say, “I am not the body, I am not the mind.”

Tantric Yoga

The tantric scriptures of old are not referring to physical union, though they sometimes use terms of that nature to express a certain spiritual coming together.

Perfection in Action is Yoga

Perfection in action is Yoga.” Where is the action if you sit quietly and close your eyes and meditate? Get into the field.