April 2016 – Integral Yoga Key Teaching

You are what you eat. Think about what babies eat. Simple, clean food. What you put in your stomach is the major cause of all the problems…


The teachings may vary, but the central teaching is always the same—to know our True Self.

Business Yoga

Perform the work of your livelihood as Karma Yoga— selfless service.

Beyond the Insane Mind

Your association, your thoughts, your words, your music, your food, your exercises should all be producing a sattwic condition, a tranquil condition, to calm the mind and nerves.

February 2016 – Integral Yoga Key Teaching

When you do slow simple deep breathing, your mind is so peaceful. Just sit quietly. Breath slowly in and out. Let the mind be attentive to the breath.

Who Am I?

the ‘I’ never changes. It is eternal, ever clean, ever pure. It is never born, never dies.

The Power of Intention & Thought

You are what you think. You can make yourself by thinking the right thoughts, or you can break yourself by thinking wrong thoughts.

Enlightening Tales

So the great teachers often presented the higher truths through stories—and the stories are very simple. In fact, the truth itself is very simple.

The Greatest Joy

When you do everything for the sake and joy of just doing it, as benefit for the whole world and not for your own personal benefit, you retain your joy.