The Yogaville Federal Credit Union (YFCU) is a member owned co-operative not for profit financial institution. The YFCU exists to provide quality financial services to meet member’s needs in a personal and professional manner. From the creation of YFCU in 1983, we have been active in the building of Yogaville by providing real estate loans for property in the Yogaville vicinity. We also serve our members nationwide with federally insured savings accounts and meet their consumer borrowing needs with automobile and general consumer loans.

You can join the Yogaville Federal Credit Union if you are associated with Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, Inc., Integral Yoga Institutes or Centers, or Integral Yoga International. This can be established  through such activities as taking Integral Yoga Teachers Training, IY programs, or IY classes.  To join there is a $1.00 membership fee and a minimum $5.00 deposit into a savings account. Savings rates are based on three tiers with savings above $2,000 receiving the highest return. We also offer Certificates starting at $5,000.

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