“The dancing foot, the sound of tinkling bells,
The songs that are sung and the varying steps
The forms assumed by our dancing Gurupara
Find out these within yourself,
and then shall your fetters fall away.”

Bharata Natyam Dance Camp at
The Fine Arts Society of  Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville

The Fine Arts Society, inaugurated in 1984, embraces as its students, children of all nationalities, races and creeds. Bharatha Natyam and piano lessons are conducted in Yogaville on request. Regular Bharatha Natyam classes are given at Charlottesville and Richmond branch centers in Virginia. Our students are invited to perform in cultural events at various schools, colleges and universities.

Bharatha Natyam, is an ancient form of Indian Temple dance. Unique, Eternal and Universal, it is one of the most subtle and graceful styles of dance art in the world. Born within the precincts of the temple, Bharatha Natyam uses the rich repertoire of Hindu mythology as a fine medium of expression. This highly developed, stylized and sophisticated art form gives aesthetic delight to art lovers around the world.

padmarani-bharata-natyamThe society’s annual celebrations with music and dance recitals are the most enjoyed events by art lovers. From 1989, annual residential Natya Adyayana Gurukulam (Summer Dance Camps) are being conducted by the Society in Yogaville. All classes are taught by world renowned teachers and dancers V.P. Dhananjayans from Chennai and Padmarani Rasiah Cantu, Artistic Director of the Society. Read more about the instructors… Whenever possible, Bharatha Natyam Teacher’s Workshops are also conducted in Yogaville by one of the foremost teachers of the day, Padmasri Adyar K. Lakshman from Chennai, India.

In addition, artists of all traditions and cultures have performed by invitation. Imparting knowledge the ecumenical way, the society endeavors its best to uphold its aims and affirm the unity of art and religion through music and dance.


  1. To propagate the Fine Arts of music, dance, drama, and others among people of all nations, races, and creeds, with respect for the various traditions and cultures of the world.
  2. To affirm the unity of art and religion.
  3. To promote peace and good will and emphasize harmony in its highest sense within and without.

In 2012, The Fine Arts Society of Yogaville proudly conducts the 24th Natya Adyayana Gurukulam (Residential Dance Camps) under the direction of Smt. Shantha and Sri Dhananjayan of Bharatha Kalanjali Academy of Fine Arts, Chennai, India and Smt. Padmarani Rasiah Cantu of the Fine Arts Society of Yogaville, Virginia USA.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn Bharatha Natyam in the traditional Indian Gurukulam style. The curriculum also includes Hatha yoga, guided meditation, Carnatic music vocal and Bhajan.
Students 10 years and above may apply. There is a limited amount of space at our facility. Students are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Please apply early.  Payment must be made by check or money-order only.