What Brings True Happiness?

Wisdom   |   December 28, 2017

What is life? How do we find happiness in this life? These are questions that people ask themselves and try to answer without sometimes looking deeper for solutions that could last longer and have more benefits. We tend to look for the quick and easy fix, like taking an anxiety pill or watching TV.

Very simply put, life is a series of experiences and we live our lives from one experience to another one until we cease having them (aka our bodies die). So what we need to understand is how these experiences happen and how to make our experiences better and happier.

Have you taken a moment to contemplate what an experience is, exactly? If not, then take a moment now to really ponder, “What is an experience in my life?”

Scientifically explained, it’s when a subject interacts with an object. You have to have both in order to have an experience. Think of your five senses. Without beautiful music to listen to (object), you (subject) won’t enjoy the concert. Conversely, you dislike the music that’s playing (object), so you (subject) suffer during the concert. We can agree that to one the object is beautiful, and to another the object is dreadful. So it’s not really about the object at all. It’s about the subject—you! Depending on how you perceive the object, you will either be happy or unhappy.

That’s the beauty of mastering this whole life journey as a human being; we have the power to elevate ourselves regardless of the objects around us. And THAT is the essence of Yoga!

It does take more effort, but we will be able to empower ourselves through practical, fun tools that make the journey more pleasant overall. The practice of Yoga can help you in any field of your life, any relationship, any job, and any situation you encounter.

One more quick reflection moment: Sit back and look at all the devices, trinkets, clothes, and external objects you have accumulated throughout the years.  Observe them carefully. Can you claim that any one of them has really brought you lasting peace and happiness or helped you become more balanced in life? If so, please send me the object in the mail!

But truthfully, I’ve done this exercise. Although objects and devices might make certain tasks easier to perform or make a moment more pleasant and comfortable, they really haven’t provided me with a deeper sense of peace within myself.  It’s just another gadget or gizmo. If you are at all curious after reading this about how to learn these teachings that make our bodies and minds stronger and freer, then join me and let’s share together for another amazing year!

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