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Knowing: A Poem by Becky Eschenroeder

Wisdom   |   October 9, 2017

Becky ‘Tara’ Eschenroeder offers a poetic exploration about what it means to tap into intuition and cultivate trust in the Self.  Read this poem and more like it on her blog.


Something deep within me knows. Knows where I have been and where I am going. It is not a knowing in my mind. It is a knowing deeply rooted in the depths of my soul. It is the animal of my body; constantly in touch with my instincts no matter how distracting the stories become.

A tiny seed does not need instructions to grow as it fearlessly roots down into its loving mother to then courageously grow up towards its father. The seed does not think. It knows.

A delicate spider does not study an instruction manual to weave her silver miracle that comes forth from within; providing her with everything she needs to survive. The spider does not think. She knows.

A stallion does not need permission to run wildly through the fields when his muscles ache to move. He listens, he feels, he unapologetically flies. The horse does not think. He knows.

Why must I think?!



I shall leave you to your thoughts as I grow… As I weave… as I fly… Empty and free…

This is what it is to trust.



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