Personal Retreats are for any time Monday – Thursday

Customize your Personal Yoga Retreat. Reduce stress. Take time to relax. Create an oasis from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and wrap yourself in the timeless teachings of Yoga, the peaceful atmosphere of the Ashram and the daily schedule of Yoga practices to help you recharge. Perhaps you would like time to honor yourself, to ask contemplate “What is really important to me? What steps can I take in order to gain inner peace, balance and harmony? How can I lead a joyful and useful life?”

At Yogaville we offer a quiet place in a rural setting to personalize your retreat experience. Immerse yourself in daily Yoga and meditation and meet with a mentor to help you make the best use of this time. Or you can practice silence, rest and take walks in the peaceful countryside.
In order to delve more deeply into your own peace and joy:

  • Join our daily meditations
  • Take Hatha Yoga classes
  • Participate in a Guided Meditation and visualization class
  • Observe Silence
  • Rest, Relax, take walks, read
  • Meet with a mentor to help you gain perspective on any issues you may be facing
  • Enjoy a smoothie, tea or treat in the cozy atmosphere of the Mandala Cafe

Are you feeling stressed-out? Or would you like to get a handle on a tough issue you may be trying to cope with? Replenish your inner energy to live your life to your fullest. Taking a personal yoga retreat can be beneficial on so many levels; planning your own customized retreat goes even further allowing you to specifically incorporate items that resonate best with you.

Yogaville offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, yoga practices, wholesome foods and a deeply restorative spiritual energy that makes it a great place to retreat to. Please call today to speak with one of our Personal Retreat specialists to help you to create the retreat you want.

Prices Include: Single Accommodation, Meals, Hatha Classes and mentoring sessions

Nights Mentoring Sessions Dormitory PR/SB* Lotus Guest House PR/PB*
2 1 $250 $290
3 2 $365 $425
4 2 $460 $540

*PR/SB = Private Room/Shared Bath *PR/PB = Private Room/Shared Bath

Contact our Ashram Reservation Center to book your Retreat (9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri EST):
Phone: (800) 858-9642 
International: +1 (434) 969-2048


Also checkout the new midweek Special Interest Retreats:

We have created a new type of Personal Retreat—a Special Interest Retreat—for our guests who would like to focus their attention on particular areas of personal development.  These new monthly midweek retreats will not only allow you the time, space and guidance to relax and go within but also offer talks and workshops to enhance your knowledge and understanding of a topic.  You will be able to join the ashram daily schedule, take morning classes in your area of interest and still have time to enjoy Yogaville’s beautiful natural setting and to spend time in our sacred spaces.

At any time of year you may reach a point in which you need to step outside of the everyday routine of your life and ask yourselves:  “Do I feel run down and in need of a tune-up? Do I need to calm my mind?  Am I experiencing too much stress in my life? Or am I tired a lot of the time?” Or, perhaps, if you have time on your hands but no “get up and go,” you might ask: “ Am I in need of more energy and more enthusiasm for life?” Whatever your situation, you can find something here at Yogaville to help you on your way to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Building Your Sadhana:  The Sweetness of Steady Practice

Dive Deep Within

All of these Special Interest Retreats offer tools that will lead you on pathways to healthier, happier life experiences. By uncovering the Peace and Ease, which is already inside of you, your life, and the life of those around you, can be transformed.