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The Art of Awakening: Yoga and Dharma

with Katchie Ananda, E-RYT 500

September 22 - 24, 2017

Yoga and Dharma, two complementary schools, are used to guide the body back to ease, to train the mind, and to open the heart. The goal is to heal the connection to the body and the earth, aligning the soul with its authentic purpose.

You’ll experience the Yoga based on Anusara Yoga, a scientific system that is fun and healing for the body. The art of mindfulness is based on Buddhist psychology as taught by Jack Kornfield.

You will explore being mindful through movement, meditation, and breathing exercises. By accessing your own wisdom and compassion, you learn the art of awakening through Yoga and Dharma.

Schedule Overview

Friday Evening

The Awakened Sangha

Saturday Morning

Insight Yoga

Saturday Afternoon

Metta in Motion

Sunday Morning

The Sacred Thread

Continuing Education Opportunity

Yoga Alliance:  Approximately 7 contact hours


Katchie Ananda is a joyful, wise, inspiring, and skilled teacher, and her spirit and Dharma gifts shine through The Art of Awakening. — Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart

Katchie Ananda is an inspiring and immensely popular Yoga teacher. I think the reason so many of her students love her classes and feel so awakened by her teaching is that she helps them to connect with themselves, with their inner wisdom, and with their ability to live with purpose and passion. She is phenomenally gifted at what she does, and the students who attend her classes are fortunate indeed. — John Robbins

Unpretentious and with a lot of humor, Katchie Ananda brings her incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of Yoga to her students. From the many great traditions that she has studied for over 20 years, she has developed her own conclusions and is able to convey these in a clear and surprising way. In her classes, students laugh, cry, and sometimes even eat some chocolate. Students always leave feeling more uplifted and inspired than when they came. — Milena Moser

In an era when there is so much need for grounding in our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit, we are blessed to have teachers such as Katchie Ananda among us. She shares the wisdom of traditional practices hand in hand with the practical application to our daily lives. Through her stories and humor, we are reminded that we are all simply human. — Evon Peter


Katchie Ananda, E-RYT 500
Katchie Ananda is an international Yoga and Dharma teacher whose life’s work has been to explore the practices of yoga and dharma and share their path to freedom with others. She has well over 10,000 teaching hours, spanning 25 years as a full-time practitioner and trainer and she has developed numerous approaches to wisdom in body, mind and heart. Her eclectic background includes Yoga certifications in Anusara, Jivamukti, Integral, and Ashtanga by Richard Freeman and many years of practice with Buddhist teacher and author Jack Kornfield. A former dancer in Switzerland and Brazil, she moved to NYC in 1990 where…
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