Zukku!! The Art of Being Alive: A Journey Through Heart, Infinite Mind & Memory

with Jovin Montanaro

JovinJoin Jovin Montanaro for Zukku!! The Art of Being Alive: – A Journey Through Heart, Infinite Mind & Memory as he unifies these elements in our lives using dynamic exercises, one on one coaching and guided meditation. We are each a tapestry of beliefs; feelings, strengths, judgments, desires and self imposed limitations. The truth is we are also sensitive beings, beings of light.

The heart is capable of unlimited love yet we succumb to fear and doubt and withhold love from ourselves and others. The infinite mind is self-awareness, joy and participation but too often our sight is clouded by negative stories and  false beliefs. Memory is both good and bad, light and dark, yet deep within our subconscious lies old memories that impinge upon our present and cloud our view of the Infinite Mind and Heart.

Jovin holds the space to bring your shadow stories into awareness, allowing you to process and move through them. He invites each participant to look deep within their own psyche and re-imagine what is possible. Fill your Heart with love, clear your Infinite Mind of debris and bring your Memories to the light. Let Jovin guide you through these pathways, giving you tools to lead an extraordinary life.

We question how love seems to be something that happens to us rather than something we create. We often forget that we are love; that it is in unlimited supply and that if we choose to, we can both have and give love freely.

The Infinite Mind is sharp, pointed, able to penetrate the most intractable problems. At its best, it is aware of everything going on around it. There is no future there is no past there is only the eternal now. At its worst we lose sight, it is hazy and bogged down with constant internal dialogue and our dark stories swirling.

Our Memories are the voices raging in our head reminding us of our misdeeds. Our memories are the countless fables that tell us of our limitations that served to define who we are. Of course, there are good stories, there are wonderful stories but those stories don’t pull you down and suppress your heart and mind. Jovin holds the space to bring your shadow stories into awareness.

“I can only describe Jovin’s teaching style as highly intuitive and electric. He infuses humor and a lively grace into the space he holds and his creative approach to dissolving blocks can be incredibly liberating, as it was for me. His workshops are a dynamic, fun, and highly transformative experience and I would encourage anyone to take advantage of any opportunity to study with him.”       Darrah Danielle,  Sebastopol CA

“I was just so moved by what the weekend turned into, as it was such a deeply personal exploration of our motivations, strengths, frailties, and untapped power – and all done with your compassion, love, and humor.  We were taken on an expressive and revelatory ride by you and we were all enthralled!”  Courtney Reid, Los Angeles CA

Zukku!! The Art of Being Alive – A Journey Through Heart, Infinite Mind & Memory at Yogaville

Jovin Montanaro has spent a lifetime exploring the theatre arts as a tool for personal growth. He has studied, directed, produced and acted, working with MGM, HBO, CBS, Showtime and performing a full length One Man Show. Jovin is an accomplished bronze sculptor and multi-instrumentalist and is currently writing a book on the relationship between heart, infinite mind, and memory.  Jovin has spent the last 25 years teaching and coaching individuals, couples and groups as well as leading transformational seminars on both the east and west coasts.


Letter to future workshop participants and schedule:

Dear friends,

What follows is an experiment:

First, my goal is for you to know me. You’re making an important decision and you need all the information you can get. I understand. So let’s see my technique. All my exercises have very specific names. They exactly reflect the intention of that exercise.

For instance:

The exercise called, ‘The Honorable Chair.’ Is proof that we can love almost anything, even a chair. That our love is no accident waiting for just the right person, animal or thing to come along. Instead we are love from head to toe, our very essence is love. We just have to remember.

The exercise called, ‘Set Memory on the Wind.’ Is that delicious moment when we are able to let a painful episode in our lives go, to come to peace with it, to arrange a bargain. You understand the events with a new clarity; the pain doesn’t go away but is tempered by time and perspective.

The exercise called, ‘An Impossible Sum.’ is a way, using mathematics and listening, to become instantly aware, (fully live in the moment). The numbers engage the mind, enabling your awareness to Pierce the veil between ‘reality’ and divinity. This turns out not to be as hard as you might imagine.

I found a way for you to share the seminar with us.

Well, a taste anyway.

Read the following two pages. They list every exercise I use in their exact order. It’s almost like a poem. As you read each one, let the words flow through you, you are experiencing the essence of each exercise, it’s foundation. Meanwhile your subconscious is experiencing the whole thing. So read on, sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend at Yogaville!

Workshop Schedule:

Friday night

Through the Crystal Eye

(On seeing it all again)

8:00-8:25                   Tune the piano

8:30-8:45                   An impossible sum

8:45-9:10                   Threading the needle

9:10-9:30                   Download

Techniques for attaining heightened states of awareness. 

Saturday morning 

The road less traveled     

(To lead from the heart)

9:30-10:10                 Relax unwind settle in

The light line

The light line revisited

10:15-11:15               The honorable chair

Swimming in light

On discovering your love. Powerfully calling forth and opening your heart chakra. When you give love you get love. It’s a law of nature.

11:15-12:30               Set memory on the wind

Be the lighthouse

Two is one & one is two


Let’s hear the tales of our lives. Pull them out for all to view. The time of running from shadows is over.

Saturday afternoon

Dancing with our shadow selves

(On breaking down the paradigm)

3:30-5:30                   Fear is illusion

(The beast is hollow)

Crack the egg

5:30-6:30                  A wondrous vessel

One on one coaching

Sunday morning 

The Crystal Palace takes flight

(Buddha opens the palace gates)

9:45-10:30                 Shadows become you

10:30-10:45               A jester takes center stage

10:45-11:15               Wolves at the moon


Hopefully you have a deeper sense of what we do in the rooms. Great transformation takes place. I’d love to have you there. It was nice spending this time together!

Enjoy your day.

Jovin Montanaro

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