Yoga of Harmonious Yin and Yang Through Yoga and Acupressure

with Lalitha Leslie Stone, LAC (NCCAOM)

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Join Lalitha Stone, senior Integral Yoga instructor, acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine specialist, for this in-depth workshop designed to integrate Chinese meridian therapy with Yoga practices.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

Unite the brilliant strategies of Yogic Science and Chinese Medicine

Expand your Yoga practice using postures with specific positional orientations to open the energy flow in the Acupuncture Meridians

Practice Daoist Qi Cultivation to absorb the pure energy of the universe into our bodies

Receive instruction in a new Chinese Meridian Self-Balancing Technique using mantra and concentration on your Acupuncture power points

Lalitha will guide you through simple experiential practices that will combine asana with gentle acupressure, mantra repetition and pranayama with Daoist Qi- cultivation techniques (techniques to cultivate vital energy).

The practices that she engages seamlessly combine these two powerful rejuvenating Eastern modalities of Yoga and Chinese Medicine. With these gentle, subtle practices blocked energy is released and stagnate energy is revitalized bringing the mind and body back into a state of balance and relaxation. As the Body/Mind/Spirit draws in pure energy and information, your innate potential for health is strengthened and your highest destiny nourished.

Each of Lalitha’s practices has a very meditative quality and assists you in calming and focusing the mind. This workshop will give you tools to optimize your health and give you new insights into both Yoga practices and Chinese meridian therapy.


Yoga of Harmonious Yin and Yang Bringing Your Mind and Body into Balance Through Yoga and Acupressure at Yogaville

Lalitha Leslie Stone, L.AC, (NCCAOM), has been an IY Senior Yoga Instructor since 1970. In her Private Practice as a Doctor Of Oriental Medicine in Melbourne, Florida, she prescribes Integral Yoga practices as medicine for healing energy imbalances. Lalitha strives to present Chinese Medicine as a self-help strategy, offering techniques, which include Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong, Chinese Medical Massage and Acupuncture without needles to promote personal mind/body/spirit transformation.

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  • May 30, 2014 - June 1, 2014
  • Tuition: $235.00
  • 20% Early bird discount until May 12, 2014
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