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with Revs. Bhagavan & Bhavani Metro

They say love makes the world go round.  Yet, sometimes the stressors of the world catch up with us to erode our most loving relationships. Is your vibrant relationship under stress?  Do you long to be more deeply engaged in your life together but feel you are drifting apart?  Are you sharing a truly loving experiencing in your relationship?  Bring your partner and join in on this couples retreat, dedicated to helping you resolve to live by your relationship’s most important equation:

Life + Connectedness + Love = Healthy and Loving Relationships.

We will spend the weekend diving into the depths of what your loving relationship means to you and explore how to keep it alive and thriving.  Gain inspiration and practical tools to keep communication channels open, release old patterns and stories that block you from experiencing the deepest connections, apply simple techniques to sustain and nurture your loving relationship.Create intimate connections that deepen your awareness of Unity and bring you closer to the one you love.

Healthy, loving relationships are worth investing in. Enjoy this couples weekend retreat as you learn to meet the challenges that career, child-rearing, household, illness and society can bring to bear on your relationships.  Establish balance and gain insights to navigate life’s rough spots while staying joyfully connected to your loved one.

In this Couples Retreat You Can Expect to Have Fun Learning:

  • Exercises in compassionate listening and finding our own authentic selves.
  • Tools for deepening your friendship and understanding
  • Reinforcing your values and visions for the future using relaxation, contemplation, and meditation and breath work.
  • A marriage check list for renewal and adjustment.
  • Warm, nurturing and playful experiences to rekindle and encourage expressions of appreciation, love, and joy.
  • Partner Yoga to bring heart and soul, body and mind together.


Yoga-Couples’-Retreat-at-Yogaville1-252x300Revs. Bhagavan and Bhavani Metro bring fifty years of intimate relationship experience into their workshops, offering freely of their own struggles, successes and insights.  Personally guided by Sri Swami Satchidananda, they have gleaned rich techniques and used the Integral Yoga teachings to support their intimate, loving, compassionate and joyful relationship.  Bhagavan and Bhavani are surrounded by a large loving family that is composed of thirty-four members and five generations living within a few miles of their home at Yogaville.  With their great enthusiasm, joy, humor and compassion, the Revs. Metro share their collective life wisdom and experiences by offering workshops and lectures.

“The Metro’s Couples Retreat gave us just the inspiration and information needed to move through some difficult areas and refocus on the joy in our relationship.  We are so grateful to have shared this time with them.  Their faith, warmth, humor, and example of relationship gave us great hope and we look forward to our next retreat with them.”— Program Participants