• May 7-17, 2015
  • Tuition: $1,620.00
  • Lodging: $460.00 to $1,100.00
  • Deposit: $500.00


with Jnani Chapman, RN, BSN, E-RYT 500, with Senior YCat Intern Teachers

Yoga Alliance Hrs: Level I, 90 Hours which includes 12 hours of pre-program assignments. RYT 500

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Cancer TTYCat Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness is a professional, three-level certification designed to train health professionals and experienced Yoga teachers to work safely with cancer patients at any stage of illness as well as people with stable chronic illness. Students learn to adapt traditional Yoga practices to meet the physiological and psychological needs of these populations and to communicate effectively as professionals at medical and community sites. For each level of training completed, participants receive certificates of attendance. Only at the completion of all three levels of training is a certificate in this specialty, YCat Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness, awarded.

YCat Level 1 (May 7-17, 2015)

As an eleven day residential program conducted at Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, May 7 – May 17, 2015, Level 1 provides a research-based, conceptual framework for adapting Yoga practices to the varied and specific needs of people at any stage of cancer treatment, recovery or end of life and stable chronic illness. The Level 1 curriculum includes:

  • Learning about cancer by studying the pathophysiology of cancer, the different types of cancer, cancer staging and grading, metastases, psychosocial issues, and cancer treatments—e.g., surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and targeted and hormonal therapy—and common side effects—e.g., lymphedema, fatigue, pain, nausea, neuropathy, menopause, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and grief
  • Discussing other common chronic illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disease, specific adaptations for each will be included
  • Reviewing cell biology, body organs and systems for conceptual understanding
  • Exploring adaptations in Yoga postures and movement, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, and imagery for people with cancer and chronic illness
  • Studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as they apply to illness and disease, while simultaneously examining one’s personal relationship with death, dying, and end-of-life issues
  • Reviewing and analyzing related research in Yoga, cancer, and other chronic illnesses
  • Developing a professional voice and communications skills for working with medical personnel
  • Developing skills in a) researching and preparing professional presentations and b) giving and receiving evaluation and feedback

YCat Level 2

A two year internship of extended supervision and mentoring by YCat faculty and staff over the phone and on the internet. The intern-teachers apply the principles learned in Level 1 with cancer patients in both individual and group settings. They conduct course classes, drop-in classes, and private Yoga therapy sessions for people in active cancer treatment and may also choose to work with people at the end of life. The intern-teachers interview, assess, plan, perform, document, evaluate, and report while remaining in contact with faculty and staff by phone and e-mail. Anyone enrolled in the Level II internship can review Level I as frequently as desired for $600 tuition. While YCat teachers are seeing clients they are expected to maintain weekly contact with faculty by phone and e-mail. While intern teachers are working to establish classes they need to maintain monthly contact with faculty. These are the YCat Level 2 internship completion requirements:

1) Maintain monthly contact with mentor
2) Teach a minimum of two-eight week course classes to cancer patients in active treatment
3) Follow private clients in active treatment or at the end of life for 2-3 months for a minimum of four to six sessions
4) Submit timely curricula, case plans, student profiles, and other documentation
5) Submit a presentation CD/DVD teaching the primary content of a YCat adaptive Yoga class with rationales for each aspect of the curriculum explained
6) Ensure that intern and faculty agree on readiness for completion. Highly motivated Level 2 interns may complete all assignments in six months or less, while most active interns will take two or more years to complete this level.

Prerequisites for Level I

These prerequisites may be completed during enrollment prior to completing the YCat three levels of training. Any Licensed Health Professional (LHP) is welcome to attend all levels of the YCat training. LHPs will receive certificate of attendance. To receive certification of training, LHPs will need to obtain a basic 200-hour yoga training certificate. A minimum of one year of teaching experience for certified Yoga teachers from any tradition or a minimum of three years of teaching experience for Yoga teachers without certification. Participants should have some familiarity with the branches of Yoga (Hatha, Raja, Jnana, Karma, Bhakti, and Japa) as well as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We recommend that all students not trained through Integral Yoga familiarize themselves with the Integral Yoga method of teaching Hatha Yoga by taking classes at an Integral Yoga Institute or from an IY teacher. Information on Integral Yoga teachers in your area can be obtained from the online Teachers Directory at www.iyta.org or by contacting the Integral Yoga Teachers Association at 434-969-3121, ext. 177. If this is not possible, you may purchase the DVDs Yoga with a Master and Integral Yoga Hatha I (2013 version, 2 CD-set) from IY Distribution at 1-800-262-1008 (outside US, call 1-434-969-1049).


Jnani Chapman Jnani Chapman, R.N., B.S.N., E-RYT 500, founder and director of YCat Yoga Therapy
Jnani is a clinical integrative medicine specialist at St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco. She is a senior staff member of the Commonweal Cancer Help Program in Bolinas, CA and the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts in Washington, DC. She was a founding clinitian for the UCSF, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center. Jnani is a former executive director of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and was a stress management specialist for Dean Ornish, MD’s Heart Disease Reversal Program and currently teaches for his prostate cancer research group. In addition, Jnani serves as a consultant and co-principal investigator on research studies using YCat curriculum for people with cancer and she is on the faculty of many yoga therapy training programs.