Women of Wisdom Yoga Retreat

with Swami Gurucharanananda , Swami Karunananda, E-RYT 500, Swami Priyaananda, E-RYT 500, Amrita Sandra McLanahan, M.D., Rev. Manjula Spears, E-RYT500

For decades, our guests, program participants and long-time students of Integral Yoga have commented on the inspiring women teachers that staff our retreats and programs.  They all seem to have a presence that touches others.  Their years of dedication, devotion and discipline have molded them into shining examples of yoga.  There is a contagious lightness and joy about them.  They seem to have great insight into our questions and give us profound answers that resonate with the core of our being.  All of these teachers have pursued their own spiritual journey using different combinations of the different branches of yoga.  Some have a deep understanding of the philosophy of yoga and have become some of our major Raja Yoga teachers; others have made the yoga of devotion their main path; all of them in different ways have devoted their lives to selfless service.  All are tremendously powerful in their own unique way.

We invite you to join us for this special Yoga Retreat in which our senior teachers will share with you the insights that they have gained on their spiritual journey. They will explore the many ways that living a yogic lifestyle can enable us to enjoy a healthy and happy, peaceful and easeful life.  On this retreat they will touch on the philosophy and the moral tenets that form the foundations of yoga.  They will discuss the different branches of yoga and give workshops in hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation and kirtan—devotional call-and-response chanting.  They will explain the importance of healthy lifestyle practices, such as vegetarian diet, nutrition and occasional fasting. On Saturday evening, they will all come together in a panel and address any questions that you might have.

This retreat is open to all:  to both men and women and to students of all levels of experience.  Beginners will receive special guidance in hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation. Experienced yoga students will have the opportunity to move even more deeply within through more advanced Hatha Yoga and meditation workshops.

Tuition: $295. Add three nights accommodation.


Women of Wisdom at YogavilleSwami Gurucharanananda, lovingly referred to as “Mataji,” is a senior monk-disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj.  She is one of our most popular teachers, at Yogaville and abroad.  Mataji serves in many capacities through Guest Services.  She enjoys waking you up! leading guided meditations, Hatha Yoga classes, and meditation workshops, and is a loved mentor/counselor to retreatants and guests.  She reads from Sri Gurudev’s talks and teachings during lunch, offers Guru-Puja and has a joy-filled smile for everyone!


Women of Wisdom at Yogaville (2)Swami Karunananda, E-RYT 500, has had over forty years’ experience teaching all aspects of Yoga. Today, she specializes in programs that focus on meditation, the philosophy of Yoga, breathing techniques for optimal health and attuning to Divine guidance. She conducts teacher training programs in Raja Yoga and in meditation. She served as President of Satchidananda Ashram in California and Virginia, and as Director of the Integral Yoga® Institutes in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. She was editor for the Lotus Prayer Book and Enlightening Tales as told by Sri Swami Satchidananda, and contributed to The Breath of Life: Integral Yoga Pranayama.

Women of Wisdom at Yogaville3Swami Priyaananda has practiced and shared the teaching of Integral Yoga for over thirty years. She has given classes and workshops from coast to coast including the U.S. Senate, U.S. Department of State, The Rand Corporation, Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts and Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Swami Priyaananda’s current duties include directing the Living Yoga Training Program and teaching Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga classes to Ashram guests and residents. She also co-teaches Raja Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainings and manages Satchidananda Ashram Archives.

Women of Wisdom at Yogaville at Yogaville5Amrita (Sandra) McLanahan, M.D., is a nationally recognized authority on preventive medicine, nutrition, stress reduction and primary family health care. As Director of Stress Management Training at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute for twenty years, she worked with Dr. Dean Ornish to document the benefits of dietary change and stress management to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease and cancer. Dr. McLanahan is the author of the book Surgery and its Alternatives: How to Make the Right Choices for Your Health and is the medical consultant for the book Dr. Yoga.


Women-of-Wisdom-Yoga-Retreat-At-YogavilleRev. Manjula Spears, E-RYT 500, has been a principle trainer for Integral Yoga’s teacher training programs for many years. She has extensive training in Yoga therapeutics and is a long-time student of Ayurveda. She studies and teaches sound as healing and is a gifted kirtanist. She is the founder of the Therapeutic Yoga program at Athens Regional Medical Center Mind/Body Institute, specializing in restoration of functional mobility, reduction of musculoskeletal pain and joint health. For the past ten years Manjula has worked with women facing the challenge of breast cancer. She is the leader of a spiritual community, Satchidananda Mission, in Athens Georgia and guides a vibrant sangha in the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda.

Women of Wisdom

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