Welcome Weekend

New to Yoga or Yogaville?  Take part in our “Welcome Weekend”— one of our most popular programs,  designed to help you experience the benefits of Integral Yoga yoga practices in your life as well as some of the beautiful teachings of Integral Yoga as taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

Relax, refresh and renew
with a Yogaville getaway.  Immerse yourself in the daily schedule of the Ashram. This program offers you guided experiences in meditation and Hatha Yoga (the physical postures, relaxation and breathing practices), informative videos, three delicious vegetarian meals daily, a tour of the Ashram grounds, time for enjoying the hiking and walking trails, and our beautiful interfaith shrine – LOTUS.

Hatha Outside 3Our goal is to help you become better acquainted with Yogaville and the yogic way of life through participation with our yoga-rich daily schedule, special classes and a tour of the grounds.  On Saturday evening, there is a public program called satsang, which includes kirtan (chanting), a presentation by a senior member or a guest speaker and a video of Sri Swami Satchidananda sharing his warmth and wisdom with us. The weekend concludes Sunday morning with a class on the Various Branches of Yoga and how each one benefits your life.  Every weekend is a Welcome Weekend at Yogaville.

Our Guest Services Staff looks forward to Welcoming you and helping make your stay as rewarding as possible.