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with Yogini Kaliji

TriYogaExperience TriYoga, the original yogaflow. In the tradition of ancient yoga, TriYoga is guided by kriyavati siddhi, or kundalini-inspired hatha yoga, as expressed through Yogini Kaliji. Experience the inherent qualities of this magical flow including rhythmic pacing, relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements and economy of motion. Systematically introduced, TriYoga sequences unite pranayama and mudra with dynamic and sustained asana. One feels the inner flow of prana as the movement of body, breath and mind harmonize.

Prana Vidya includes systematized pranayama and dharana (breathing sequences and concentration techniques) and dhyana (meditation). These practices develop better health, mental clarity and inner peace.

Mudra Vidya: Hasta mudras are symbolic hand gestures where the fingers move in specific patterns to focus the energy and mind. The mudras are either sustained or flow one into the next. Over 1000 mudras have expressed through Kaliji, through the flow of kundalini energy. Participants will learn a sequence of mudras that can be used with pranayama and meditation.
Kaliji shares the spectrum of yoga practices and philosophy in a way easily understood by people of diverse backgrounds.

Chant Club® — Kaliji is co-founder of Chant Club, an ensemble presenting Sanskrit chants in call-and-response style. This includes knowledge of nada yoga philosophy, the science of sound vibration, as well as call-and-response chanting.

Visual presentations are included. Watch these videos for more information about Kaliji: Yogini Kaliji in Tirupati, India, and Devi Dance


Yogini KalijiYogini Kaliji (Kali Ray) is internationally renowned as founder of TriYoga and advocate for animals. Featured widely in the media, she has presented 38 keynote addresses at yoga conferences worldwide. Inspired by her love for animals, Kaliji has been vegan for more than 30 years and has influenced thousands to make healthier food choices.

Guided by kriyavati siddhi (kundalini-inspired yoga), Kaliji has created a complete method of yoga, including systematized asana and pranayama, and over 1000 hasta mudras. With over 900 certified teachers, and 34 centers, TriYoga is taught in 38 countries.

Kaliji’s presence, her mastery of the flow and the ageless wisdom inherent in TriYoga have inspired countless people worldwide.