Thai Yoga Bodywork

with Sudevi Linda Kramer E-RYT 500, M.A., L.M.T.

Thai Yoga Bodywork at Yogaville June 2013After the completion of this two-day Thai Yoga Bodywork course, participants will have the foundation for giving a classic 90-minute session. We will work in supine, prone, side-lying, and seated asanas. All participants will receive hands-on assistance, as well as a course manual to take home.

Learn: Beautiful sequences of exotic stretches and Thai Bodywork techniques, also known as assisted Yoga. Thai Bodywork is marma therapy and synthesizes acupressure, rhythmic compressions, ancient breathing arts and meditation to produce profound rest and rejuvenation. Mantras for the marmas and chakras will also be included.

Study: A 3000-year old traditional Southeast Asian Folk Art, which creates inspired tranquility and radiant whole health.

Experience: Simple procedures to assist in rapidly eliminating dis-ease, both physical and emotional.

Enjoy: Strengthened vitality through bhandas, pranayamas, and meditation techniques for personal focus and effect.

Discover: How to balance and harmonize Shakti/Chi to enhance immune system and hormonal health, balance mental energy, and stimulate higher levels of consciousness.

Suitable for Yoga Instructors, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Martial Artists, Medical Professionals, Health-Enthusiasts, Musicians, Dancers and all Interested in Dynamic Vitality and Loving Compassion (Metta).

Thai Yoga Bodywork at Yogaville June 2013Sudevi Linda Kramer, E-RYT 500, M.A., L.M.T. is a highly sought-after Vedic Conservatory certified teacher of Thai-Yoga Bodywork, studying in Thailand and training closely with Mukti Michael Buck. She is certified in Integral and Jivamukti Yoga and was graced by Sri Swami Satchidananda and Yoga masters Sharon Gannon and David Life.  Sudevi was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame at Berea College in June 2010. Sudevi serves as the Yoga Director for the Vedic Conservatory.

“Sudevi is the real deal.  Her presence initiates a magical spiritual journey intermingled with true rejuvenation and cellular healing. Her classes hold a special light that leave you feeling new again. Sudevi’s hand’s-on instruction is simple and complete — you get home and you can actually give a session without the DVD, and even though you are wowed by her mastery – you are even more wowed that you can do it too. She takes the confusion out of sequencing.  I take her classes  as often as I can— even after I’ve met my  ce requirements — and some block, some something is always lifted and the world  seems brighter.” ~Shawn M. Brinza, LMT, aka “The Massage Gypsy.”

“Sudevi’s presence is amazing and I would recommend taking any and every form of yogic study with her. Her love of yoga, meditation, and mantra are a big part of this work.  I was able to apply the principles and produce the work for a change!  Some teachers are razzle dazzle and you have to keep coming back to “Get it.”Sudevi is a born teacher, and the art is pranically transmitted and skillfully imparted. She has a calming presence and a relaxed easy manner.  The peace I experienced is now part of my life and practices. ~Tana Trichel, Monroe, LA, Yoga Student.

(Taking this course was recommended by the Mayo Clinic.)

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