Taking Refuge in a Tumultuous World

with Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio

What do you “take refuge in?” Many of us – perhaps most of us – take refuge in our conditioned reactivity. We take refuge in gossip, Facebook, television, and romance as well as in strongly held views, opinions, and perceptions as a way to avoid our pain, discomfort or sense of inadequacy. In the buddhist traditions, yogis take refuge in the Three Jewels: the buddha (the awakened person); the dharma (teachings and practices that encourage awakening); and the sangha (the community that supports awakening).

Traditionally, all one need do to become a buddhist is “Take Refuge” publicly. This has never meant you cease to be whatever else you are! There are Christian Buddhists, Jewish Buddhists, Humanist Buddhists, Naturalist Buddhists etc. You can “Take Refuge” and not even think of yourself as “Buddhist.” The world is hardly in need of more buddhists; what the world needs are more buddhas! Join Poep Sa Frank Jude for a weekend exploration of the three jewels and learn you can incorporate them into your yoga treasure chest. When we understand that the Three Jewels are always available within oneself, our actions can be grounded in creative awakening rather than conditioned reactivity.

Taking Refuge in a Tumultuous World at YogavillePoep Sa Frank Jude Boccio is a certified Yoga Teacher and Dharma Teacher, ordained by Korean Zen Master, Samu Sunim. His eclectic approach is influenced by his study of a variety of Yoga approaches and his many years of Dharma practice, evidenced by his emphasis on mindfulness and compassionate action. His book, Mindfulness Yoga: The Awakened Union of Breath, Body, and Mind is the first to apply the Buddha’s mindfulness meditation teachings (satipatthana) to yogasana practice.

He sits of the Board of Directors for New Leaf Yoga Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings mindfulness yoga to incarcerated youth and under-served communities. Based in Tucson, where he lives with his wife, Monica, their daughter Giovanna and their two cats and two chickens, Frank Jude established the Empty Mountain Sangha/Tucson Mindfulness Practice Community in 2010 and travels wherever invited, leading workshops and retreats. He can be contacted through www.emptymountainsangha.org.

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