Self-Mastery Retreat

with Sri Vasudeva

Self-Mastery Retreat at YogavilleThis retreat focuses on learning to drive the human experience masterfully from soul consciousness. It focuses on shifting the consciousness to being aware that the individual is a soul in having a human experience. This shift is a vital step in truly learning to master the human experience. Sri Vasudeva offers step-by-step guidance on how to center in soul consciousness and develop the ability to take charge of the mental, emotional and vital energies in the human experience.

He will share with you his personal journey of self mastery and offer practices for awakening and developing the seven spiritual centers or chakras, which enable us to take charge of our lives and destiny by tapping into the limitless potential of our Infinite Self. He will offer guidance in the effective practice of meditation using it as a tool for transforming the consciousness and integrating spirituality into daily living.

The physical body needs to be fit for the journey of life that the soul may fulfill its life purpose. In the human experience we are often challenged by illnesses and need to learn how to use our innate spiritual power to enhance the body capabilities for healing and staying well. Using the power of Yoga and Chi Kung, Sri Vasudeva will share with you rejuvenation and revitalization techniques for taking charge of your health and well-being.


The fear of death is always a challenge for the one who is ill especially terminally and for those growing older.  This retreat will also focus on the immortal consciousness of the soul and how to center in that space where of life is experienced as eternal and where the fear of death and dying is transcended.





Sri Vasudeva is a yogi, spiritual master and visionary leader who combines ancient wisdom with modern thinking.   His spiritual journey began in India at age 21 through the grace of Siddha Masters and culminated in forty days of intense energy (Kundalini) experiences at age 23, which completely transformed his consciousness and life.  His is an extraordinary story of dedication, discipline and intense desire for freedom. For more information on Sri Vasudeva see,





Self-Mastery Retreat

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