Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health: Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life

Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health at Yogaville2Dao Flow is a yoga style for women’s health that expands the traditional actions of yoga poses to illuminate the healing energetics of the acupuncture meridian system. Dao Flow gives women potent, everyday tools to fully step back into their lives–healthy and full of potential. Women can be strong, healthy, authentic, and vibrant throughout their whole lives.

During this immersion workshop you will learn Dao Flow Yoga techniques that braid together The Dao, Chinese medicine acupuncture meridians, and modern medicine together with yoga to balance your jing/essence, rasa and ojas, the analog to hormones. Come learn how to sync your cycle with lunar and solar energies, and to pack qi/prana deep into the pelvic bowl–your personal fountain of resiliency and youth. Discover how radical presence is the only self-care technique you really need! Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health at Yogaville3

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Dao Flow Yoga.
  • Learn To Optimize and Heal Your Hormones
  • Learn Yoga techniques to turn on your Endocrine Glands
  • Discover the Two Main Female Cycles: The Solar and Lunar Rhythms of Nature

This workshop is appropriate for women of all life stages and skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand new to the art, you’ll find this workshop revitalizing, inspiring, and transformational. 50% didactic, 50% experiential/practice.

Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health at YogavilleDr. Robin Saraswati Markus, DAOM, E-RYT, is a holistic gynecologist whose yoga practice began in 1998 in Southern California studying primarily within the Ashtanga yoga tradition with Tim Miller. She completed her first teacher training with him in 2003 and soon after began integrating yoga with Chinese medicine in her medical practice. She has been spreading her love of Yoga for women ever since. She is the founder of Nourishing Life Center of Health: Integrative Medicine for Women, which weaves together Chinese medicine and Yoga, along with modern medicine, into one healing cord.

Visit: NourishingLife.com


Neurogenic Yoga: A Revolutionary Technique in Trauma Healing

Neurogenic Yoga3Neurogenic Yoga™ is a revolutionary new technique in trauma healing and stress reduction.

NY is an integrative method that combines yoga asana and pranayama with Neurogenic tremors. These tremors are a natural response of the body and the nervous systems way of discharging long-held tension or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness.

Neurogenic tremoring is based on Dr. David Berceli’s technique of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises™ (TRE™) which has been taught successfully worldwide for decades.

Benefits include:

●       Release chronic tensionNeurogenic Yoga4

●       Discharge emotional and physical trauma

●       Increase energy and flexibility

●       Improve sleep and mood

●       Decrease of aches, pains and symptoms of fibromyalgia and sciatica

This workshop not only allows you to experience Neurogenic Yoga™ within different varieties of yoga classes, but also gives you a foundation for understanding the tremor response. Learn about the history and origin of Neurogenic Yoga™ and how it helps to release stress, tension and trauma patterns.

Most people describe the tremoring experience as pleasant and report many improvements in their physical and emotional state.

Neurogenic Yoga 2

Neurogenic Yoga at Yogaville1

Maria Alfaro, E-RYT, Neurogenic Yoga™ Trainer and TRE™* Trainer  is a native Italian who lives in California. She teaches yoga since 1997 and she is also a Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises™ (TRE™) trainer. Maria leads workshops and trainings nationally and internationally. She is one of two Neurogenic Yoga lead instructors.


You can contact her with any questions or concerns you may have about the workshop at: maria@NeurogenicYoga.com

Visit websites: www.NeurogenicYoga.com   www.TREcalifornia.com

CEUs available to massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Yoga for Teens Certification Program
Summer 2015



teaching tt to teans

The program is suitable for Yoga teachers, school teachers, social workers, therapists, parents, and anyone wanting make a difference in the lives of youth. While the training includes guidance on teaching teens in various settings, it emphasizes teaching and managing Yoga classes in the schools.

Learn teen-specific ways to:

  • Approach to asana, class themes, and sequences
  • Teach breathing, meditation, and stress management techniques
  • Instruct Yoga philosophy and its ethical principles
  • Introduction to working with at-risk and underserved populations
  • Discuss self-confidence, healthy body image, sexual health, anger management, and forgiveness
  • Outline basic nutrition—the Yoga of eating
  • Inspire selfless service

Continuing Education

This program provides the following CE opportunities:

  • Yoga Alliance (YA):  Approximately 19 contact hours
  • Integral Yoga Therapy (future) or Comparable Trainings: Approximately ___ contact hours
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT): Approximately  ___ hours
  • Healthcare and Related Disciplines: Although CMEs are NOT offered, a certificate documenting CE hours may be available for your discipline. Please contact CEU@iyta.org for details

Integral Yoga is a registered school of the Yoga Alliance—a voluntary alliance of organizations and teachers dedicated to uphold the integrity of Yoga—and provides ongoing support for Yoga professionals in the United States.

More Information

Additionally, you will explore ways to help teens develop mindfulness in daily life and cultivate positive belief systems using affirmations. You will effectively be able to teach your students how to build community, trust, and connections.

About the Presenter

erin lila wilsonErin Lila Wilson, E-RYT, received her beginning and intermediate teacher certification through Integral Yoga, and completed training for teaching at-risk teens through the Lineage Project. She has worked with youth for over ten years, teaching Yoga to inner-city teenagers, including Yoga and meditation to hundreds of youth in schools, studios, and incarceration facilities. She moved to San Francisco in January of 2012, where she now serves as the Executive Director of RISE Yoga for Youth.


Launch Your Yoga Journey

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

Launch Your Yoga Journey2

Set in motion a journey that will enrich your life! In this comprehensive program, participants will gain a clear, practical, concise, experience of Yoga, on all of its levels, body, mind, and spirit.  They will acquire a genuine understanding in Yoga as it’s meant to be experienced.
We’ll explore

  • The true meaning of Yoga—a practice yoking body, mind, and spirit
  • Asanas (postures)
  • Guided/silent meditation
  • Pranayama (breath work)
  • Yamas/Niyamas (inward/outward observances) and all eight limbs of Yoga
  • Stress reduction/relaxation
  • Metaphors of Yoga and how to incorporate them into all we do, on and off the mat
  • Experiential work
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines as to how to take the practice home

Sometimes, the jargon, styles, systems, and branding surrounding Yoga creates confusion about what Yoga is and isn’t. Many students seem to be learning a very westernized version of Yoga based around exercise or getting fit.  Often of these classes are missing the essence of the practice. This program will capture that essence.

Students will leave with a positive feeling and a strong, easy-to-follow base for embarking on their Yogic journey. They’ll feeling rested, renewed, and empowered!

 About the Presenter

Launch Your Yoga Journey at YogavilleCathy Woods’s goal is to assist students who are embarking on their own inner journey. For twenty-three years, her teaching has been rooted in her training and education, as well as through her own spiritual path and insights. Though she maintains a connection with the Kripalu lineage, she teaches “the Yoga of her heart.”

Visit Cathy’s Website.

Delving into the Deep Rest of Yoga Nidra

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

Yoga Nidra is the ultimate power nap of deep healing and profound restoration.  It is the perfect antidote to stress, depression, and exhaustion.
  • Work with the subtle energy levels in the scientific, yet spiritual, practice of Yoga Nidra
  • Learn how to deeply relax
  • Develop your awareness
  • Rejuvenate your body while strengthening your mind
  • Let go of things that no longer serve you
  • Train the mind to transform your relationship with your entire life

When successfully practiced, Yoga Nidra helps calm the mind, teaches us how to let go rather than hold on, calms anxious energy, diminishes depression, increases access to inner knowledge and creativity, develops the memory and deeply relaxes the entire body.

More Information


Developing the capacity to witness thoughts rather than being attached to them is also cultivated in Kamala’s Authentic Yoga Nidra program.  As you learn how to deeply relax in Yoga Nidra and train the mind, you will transform your relationship with your entire life.

Throughout the weekend, Kamala will be working with subtle energy levels in a scientific yet spiritual practice of Yoga Nidra. As a program participant you will be encouraged to journal as you develop the capacity to notice even more than you thought possible.

The best part of Yoga Nidra is that you don’t have to do anything other than lay in an easy and comfortable relaxation pose, listen to Kamala’s magical voice, and mentally follow her instructions.

Advanced Yoga Teacher, Transformational Life Coach and Meditation Master Stacy Kamala Waltman (Kamala) leads programs that are world renown for taking people on an inner journey of self-awakening.


Yoga Nidra is a great tool and one that I turn to frequently. Training with Kamala in the art of relaxation through Yoga Nidra meditation has helped me tremendously and  has started to spill over into my everyday life.

The more I practice with the tools she gave me the more I am able to “meditate” throughout my day and during all things. Her practice has trained me to let go of thoughts and old patterns, which had previously turned into stress and tension in my body.

Yoga Nidra has helped me “relax” into every task. Kamala is the ultimate guide for guided meditation/Yoga Nidra…she is warm, loving and compassionate!—Julie Crane from North Carolina

Kamala’s voice is truly amazing.  It resonates with a depth and peace of many years of deep yoga practice.  It allowed me to reach a place I didn’t even know existed.  I recommend this program to anyone and everyone!—Jim Wilkston

About the Presenter

Stacy KamalaKamala Waltman Waltman (Kamala) is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Integral Yoga Mediation Teacher, Yoga Nidra Master, Certified Svaroopa Yoga Instructor, certified Yoga of Recovery teacher, and seasoned yogi with over thirty years of experiece as a student of Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga.  A sought-out presenter, Kamala gives workshops and programs on a variety of subjects in several settings including Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville. Kamala offers a progressive five-CD package Yoga Nidra program at Amazon.

For additional information on her other workshops and programs, please visit:  www.kamalayoga.com or contact her at skw@kamalayoga.com

Where Social Media and Yoga Meet:
The Business Side of Yoga

You’ve taken all the Teacher Training certification courses you need to launch your business or career as a credentialed Yoga Instructor. Now it’s time to let the world know who you are and where prospective students can find you.

Kamala Waltman 2014 1 This three-day workshop with social media specialist Stacy Kamala Waltman will show you the basic tools of how to set up your business on Pinterest, Facebook, YELP, and Twitter. You’ll learn to interweave these basic channels and use e-newsletters, which will help your marketing efforts and allow you to stay in front of your customers.

Prerequisites: This is a basic social media course that can be applied to any setting, not just Yoga. Please bring a laptop or similar device. You must have a logo to use (does not have to be professional) and a variety of photos available for hands-on application.

 Continuing Education
This program provides the following CE opportunities:

  • Yoga Alliance (YA):  Approximately 13 contact hours
  • Integral Yoga Therapy (future) or Comparable Trainings: Approximately ___ contact hours
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT): Approximately  ___ hours
  • Healthcare and Related Disciplines: Although CMEs are NOT offered, a certificate documenting CE hours may be available for your discipline. Please contact CEU@iyta.org for details

Integral Yoga is a registered school of the Yoga Alliance—a voluntary alliance of organizations and teachers dedicated to uphold the integrity of Yoga—and provides ongoing support for Yoga professionals in the United States.

About the Presenter

Kamala WaltmanStacy Kamala Waltman, E-RYT 500, gives social media training in a variety of settings and served as social media and marketing director for Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville. Her extensive knowledge has helped hundreds of people thrive in the world of social media marketing.

Stacy Kamala Waltman is also a Stress Management Coach with numerous credentials. Her Sleep Recovery Program was recently featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and she offers a five-CD Yoga Nidra program on Amazon.com. For questions regarding this workshop, please contact her at skw@kamalayoga.com or at www.KamalaYoga.com.





Foundations of Ayurveda & Yoga
Certification Course


This course provides a more holistic model of Yoga therapy based upon Ayurveda, the medical aspect of the Yoga tradition.

Modern practitioners have tried to create therapies based on Yoga, but, until now, these therapies do not include Ayurveda or are restricted to asana (postures) only. Such models are limited, as they do not reflect the complete Yoga tradition or the Ayurvedic components of Yoga philosophy and psychology.

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences for healing and transformation throughout all levels of our being: Ayurveda focuses more on the treatment (chikitsa) of the body and mind, while Yoga works with Self development and realization.

Ayurveda is recognized as one of the most important systems of mind-body medicine, and its popularity is spreading in the west. This comprehensive program covers the main Ayurvedic concepts and language.

This is a foundational course for students based on the books and distance learning programs of Dr. David Frawley and taught in the Integral Yoga tradition.

Prerequisites: The course is designed for students of all kinds. There is no required medical background for those wishing to take the course. You may already have a background in Yoga, such as gained by graduates of our TT or some kind of previous Yoga training.

Continuing Education    
This program provides the following CE opportunities:

More Information

Topics of Study: Philosophy of Ayurveda, three Gunas, five elements, three doshas, twenty qualities, five subdoshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, subtle doshas: Prana, Tejas, and Ojas, digestion (agni) and elimination (mala), constitutional examination, mental nature.

Upon successful completion of the training students receive a co-certification signed by the Integral Yoga and the American Institute of Vedic Sciences (AIVS).

Durga brings a profound understanding of the psychological issues associated with addiction and recovery to her knowledge of the powerful healing traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda in her retreats and teaching. A recovery retreat led by Durga initiates and supports the process of deep inner work to create lasting change. Attending one of the Yoga, Ayurveda and Recovery Retreats is a personal gift that can last a lifetime.—Past Program Graduate 

About the Presenter

Yoga of Recovery Retreat Wholehearted RecoveryDurga Leela, E-RYT 500, is a Clinical Ayurvedic and Pancha Karma Specialist, trained at the California College of Ayurveda and also in Kerala, India. She leads several Ayurvedic Retreats at International Sivananda Yoga Ashrams. Durga has been involved with the 12-Step Fellowship for over 10 years. She completed her Sivananda Yoga teachers Training Course in May 2002, the Meditation Immersion Course in January 2005 and the Advanced Yoga Teachers Training Course in March 2006.





Meditation Teacher Training
Summer 2015

MTT 6.20.15 SKMv3Yoga is now a mainstream practice, enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Once people experience the benefits of Yoga, they usually want to go deeper in their practice. Hatha Yoga is only the beginning, a doorway to the peace and joy that Yoga has to offer.

Our Meditation Teacher Training program enables you to go deeper in your own practice and guide your students to go deeper in theirs. You will receive instruction in the theory and techniques of meditation, including mantra, visualization, breath awareness, witnessing, and prayer. You will also learn classic yogic breathing techniques and how to refine and develop them. You will gain experience  incorporating these different meditation approaches into your Hatha Yoga classes.

After completing the training, you will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach a six-week meditation course.

Read more about the transformative benefits of our one-of-a-kind residential teacher training program.

Prerequisites: The course is available to certified Yoga instructors of all traditions who have had a daily meditation practice for at least six months.

Continuing Education
This program provides the following CE opportunities:

About the Instructors 

Swami KarunanandaSwami Karunananda, E-RYT 500, has been an Integral Yoga teacher since 1971 and has taught in many settings, including hospitals, mental health centers, businesses, prisons, schools and colleges. She has led many workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs, focusing on the science of meditation, the philosophy of Yoga and yogic breathing techniques for greater health and well-being.

She developed the Integral Yoga Teacher Training programs in Raja Yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Swami Karunananda has also served as President of Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia and in California, as well as Director of the Integral Yoga Institutes in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees and as the Chairperson of the Spiritual Life Board at the Ashram in Virginia.

Swami Karunananda is extraordinary. She brings so much knowledge, commitment, skill, and inspiration to her teaching—all from the depths of her vast experience of Yoga. It was a joy to study with her.—Teacher Trainee

Swami PriyaanandaNew Year’s Silent Retreat-What Really Matters-Moving into the New Year with Vision and Focus at Yogaville December 2012, E-RYT 500, is a senior disciple of Swami Satchidananda with thirty years of experience in the practice of Integral Yoga.

She began her studies at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York in the early 70’s, and later moved to California to serve in the LA, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco institutes. In the 80’s she moved to the Connecticut Ashram, where she managed the Health Services division with with Dr. Amrita McLanahan. When the Ashram moved to Buckingham, she moved to northern Virginia to serve as its Executive Secretary for several years.


Asana Sequencing: Unlocking the Power of Combination

New on campus this year, Peat Purol brings his teaching from Peace Yoga in Belair, MD to Yogaville, www.peaceyogabelair.com

On our mat, just as in life, how we place one asana after another, or one foot after another affects how and what we experience in our practice and lives. In this workshop we will study the anatomical, physiological, and energetic relationships between asana families. We learn how to safely and effectively sequence an asana practice to create a desired effect in the mind/body/spirit, target specific areas, and prepare for internal practices.

As we explore the art of sequencing we will examine the mirror it holds to how we ‘sequence’ our daily lives. Looking at how and when to place stability, flexibility, power, endurance, opening, creativity, meditation, and rest within our practice. We will also look at how learning the framework of yoga asana sequencing can help balance the ‘asanas’ we hold in our day to day life.

There will be plenty of theory in this workshop, but more importantly there will be time to apply these theories. While this class is designed for yoga instructors it is open to anyone seeking to develop a home asana practice.

Unlock Power of PosePeat Purol started practicing yoga in 2008 and has been in love with it ever since. He began teaching Yoga in 2011 in his home town of Bel Air, MD. Peat has a grounded and genuine style of teaching Yoga. He encourages his students to build a strong foundation in basic practices so that they can then safely, confidently, and most importantly, joyfully take steps to further their practices and more fully embrace life. Through an eclectic mixture of different yoga styles, spiritual teachings, philosophies, and internal martial arts like tai chi,  he creates an atmosphere and practice that acknowledges the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.

New Year’s Silent Retreat – 2016

New Year’s Silent Retreat Re-align Yourself with Your Highest Goals at Yogaville

It’s a new year! There’s a sense of fresh possibilities and energy for change. That makes it a perfect time to pause, reflect, relax, and re-align yourself with your highest goals. Time to Re-align Yourself with Your Highest Goals.

Our New Year’s Silent Retreats have been popular for over thirty years. Seasoned retreat goers as well as those trying a retreat for the first time enjoy this opportunity to press pause on their busy lives.

It’s amazing what a little silence can do! The silence of the Retreat helps participants slow down to truly nourish body, mind and spirit. Away from the demands of normal daily life, many find themselves reacquainted with their ideals, their dreams and the ways they can bring their “regular” lives into alignment.

Retreat participants keep silence, but the presenters and staff speak to bring you all levels (beginner to experienced) of yoga’s physical poses, meditation techniques, and a variety of talks to help you renew healthy mental and physical goals for 2015.

The New Year Silent Retreat offers

  • The gentle and practical teachings of Integral Yoga, including daily practice of asana (the physical poses), pranayama (breathing practices), guided deep relaxation and meditation

  • The profound support of a yogic environment, including yogic diet (delicious, nutritious and organic vegetarian meals),

  • Mauna (the practice of contemplative silence), the natural beauty and sacred spaces of Yogaville

  • Inspiration to help you forge your individual path

This retreat is suited to students of all levels of experience. Those new to Yoga and the practice of silence will receive full instruction and support. Experienced retreatants can move even more deeply within. You will also have the opportunity to seek additional guidance or clarification by asking questions in writing.