Relax and Rejuvenate with Restorative Yoga

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

Relax and Rejuvenate with Restorative Yoga at Yogaville 2

Restorative Yoga is a simple, effective antidote to stress, tension, and anxiety.

In this practice, the body is placed in gentle, supported asanas (poses) with the use of props, allowing the the mind to truly let go. When the body is at rest and the mind becomes calm, one can experience the peace within.

In this workshop, you will experience:

  • Balanced sequences of Restorative Yoga Poses
  • Yoga practices for stress management, relaxation, and rejuvenation
  • Gentle poses which enhance the breathing capacity
  • Simple poses for everyday practice
  • Other healing aspects of Restorative Yoga

All props will be supplied. This program is open to students of all levels and styles of Yoga. Individual assistance will be available.   

Since the poses are supported by props, they can be held effortlessly for an extended period of time. This results in a state of deep relaxation, where the innate intelligence of the body balances and the entire system returns to its natural state.The supported poses are also beneficial during times of major life changes, crises, or when recovering from an illness or injury.


Satya represented what Yoga stands for in every minute of her classes. Her demeanor, presentation, vocalization, etc.—calm and peaceful.

An inspiring and truly restorative weekend!

Satya presented all the material clearly and made the class very easy to understand.

The instructor was perfect—so warm and welcoming.

Good mix of practice, learning, and breath work.

Great tips. [Lots of] material I can use for myself and students.

Satya is really grounded and knowledgeable and I enjoyed her teaching. I clearly received the lesson I needed to learn this weekend, which will be very helpful for me in the future.

About the Instructor

Relax and Rejuvenate with Restorative Yoga at Yogaville 3 - Copy

Satya Greenstone E-RYT 500, has been a student of Sri Swami Satchidananda and teacher of Integral Yoga for over forty years.  She shares the teachings of Integral Yoga in many diverse settings with students of all ages and backgrounds. She combines a natural, practical, down to earth approach to yoga with a gentle humor. First and foremost she is a yogini, and her teaching is an extension of the experience gained from her Yoga practice.

She is a primary teacher for the Basic and Intermediate level Integral Yoga Teacher Training Programs. While serving as Teacher Training Coordinator, she helped develop and teach the Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Program. Satya is certified in Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga and has been practicing and teaching Restorative Yoga for 15 years. In 2011, she developed and taught the first Integral Yoga Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course which she continues to offer annually.  She gently adapts the Yoga practices to individual needs and always finds a way to encourage and inspire her students.

It’s Never Too Late to Start a Yoga Practice

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm  

One can begin the practice of Yoga at any age and experience the benefits. Come to a safe, protective environment and begin your Yoga practice. This workshop provides gentle instruction in all aspects of Integral Yoga. 

Learn about:

  • Adaptations for the Basic Integral Yoga poses
  • Gentle, safe, breathing practices (pranayama)
  • Guided deep relaxation
  • Introduction to meditation practice
  • Instruction in the use of props
  • How to develop a home practice
  • Personal instruction 

This program is appropriate for men and women of all ages, who are mobile and want to stay that way. Participants must be able to get up and down off the floor (but it need not be graceful).

There is a yoga practice for your body, and at your comfort level.

Those of us who didn’t think we could do Yoga have discovered how wonderful Yoga can be. It’s beneficial and it is really real.—Program Participant

About the Instructor

It’s Never Too Late to Start a Yoga Practice at Yogaville

Satya Greenstone has been a student of Sri Swami Satchidananda and teacher of Integral Yoga for over forty years.  She shares the teachings of Integral Yoga in many diverse settings with students of all ages and backgrounds. She combines a natural, practical, down-to-earth approach to Yoga with a gentle humor. First and foremost she is a yogini, and her teaching is an extension of the experience gained from her Yoga practice.

he is a primary teacher for the Basic and Intermediate level Integral Yoga Teacher Training Programs. While serving as Teacher Training Coordinator, she helped develop and teach the Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has also developed and teaches Training Programs in Restorative Yoga, Adaptive Yoga and Yoga and Meditation for Children. She gently adapts the Yoga practices to individual needs and always finds a way to encourage and inspire her students.

Shakti Healing! Lunar Rites & Practices for Women, Mothers and Daughters

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

Maya offers a revolutionary solution to restoring wellness, wholeness and harmony in our world through Shakti-Medicine!

In this Wise Earth Ayurveda program, you will learn:

  • To invite the Goddess into your heart through her Lunar meditation and Shakti mantras, mudras, and rites of passage
  • The exquisite rituals that bond mothers and daughters, women and men through the sacred principles of Shakti

As our inspiration and harmony depend on the wellbeing of the Shakti energy, we must restore this primordial feminine power—vital for the wellness of Mother Nature, women, children, men, and community at large.
A Wise Earth Ayurveda Credit Points toward NAMA accreditation. This course is for both women and men.

More Information

Maya introduces the Shakti rituals and lunar rites that nourish and heal a woman’s nature. In strengthening the maternal energies of our children, men, animals, forest, waters, sky, and the earth herself, we are firing up the Shakti and invoking the Mother Consciousness—that  maternal memory that heals our wounds, refines our creative force and brings forth love, light, and wisdom for all.

In present day, we are witnessing the breakdown of the maternal memory and therefore the erosion of Mother Consciousness. Packed with immense levels of stress and pathology, our women and daughters are shunning their powerful feminine nature. As our humanity, and wellness and intelligence depend on Mother Consciousness, we must restore the Shakti connection—vital for our youth, our women and men if we are to grow a compassionate and healthy humanity.

Drawing on her rich life experiences through the journey of ovarian cancer, and her awesome spiritually-packed journey, Maya Tiwari stands tall in a presence that is every woman’s. This courageous woman of ancient origins and native wisdom—world-renowned Vedic master and spiritual leader— Maya teaches us about the maternal life force that reclaims the Shakti energy necessary to restore health, wholeness, love and joy within.

“Maya Tiwari is a Goddess. Her work on the female power of Shakti has saved my life, first from breast cancer five years ago, and now I am able to use this extraordinary education to help heal my family.” —Julie Albertsson

About the Presenter 

Shakti Healing at Yogaville

Maya Tiwari is a spiritual pioneer who serves humanity by awakening the spirit of ahimsa, or harmony, in every person whose life she touches. For thirty years, she has put this ability to inspire and create change in human behavior and understanding to work—through education, outreach, and service to humankind. Through this steadfast commitment, Maya has helped to nourish, nurture, and heal thousands of individuals, families and communities, while transcending cultural and social barriers as she spreads her message of ahimsa.

Maya established the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda in 1981, with the vision of restoring the long lost Inner Medicine® principles and practices of Ayurveda, known as sadhana. Wise Earth is the first school for Ayurveda education in North America, through which Maya has personally trained hundreds of practitioners from a vast geographical area. A very select number of Wise Earth Master Teachers, personally trained by Maya, now serve on the School’s faculty.

In addition to the Wise Earth School, Maya is also the founder of both the Mother Om Mission and the Living Ahimsa Foundation. Through the Mother Om Mission, her revolutionary work in spiritual healing education has served scores of at-risk communities in Guyana, India, and the United States, and hundreds of volunteer instructors have been trained to help serve these communities.  Through the Living Ahimsa Foundation community organizers are taught to spread the profound practices that foster peace by shifting individual awareness, creating and protecting inner harmony as a first priority.

Maya’s Inner Medicine® health and spirituality programs, deeply rooted in Ayurveda, are taught at the Wise Earth School and the Mission. Also taught through these institutions is Maya’s Living Ahimsa® work, which is based on the principle of inner harmony, and honors the sanctity of all beings, nature and her sacred resources. Affectionately called the “Mother of Ahimsa,” Maya initiated the Living Ahimsa World Tour in 2009 to spread her message of peace around the globe. As of 2013 the Tour has impacted thousands, logging over 500 events in just five years.

Maya has been recognized on the worldwide platform for her tireless commitment to inspiring health, wholeness and peace. For her pioneering work in Ayurveda education, Maya received the prestigious Dhanvantari International Award in 2011. She is the recipient of AAPNA’s Rishi Award for her outstanding work in Ayurveda. For her dedication to creating inner harmony, health and wellness in the world, Maya was honored with the distinction of World Peace Leader by the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Maya is the author of many books on health, wellness, and spirituality, through which her potent spirit of ahimsa touches the hearts of people across the world. Her books include: Living Ahimsa Diet: Nurturing Love & Life, Women’s Power to Heal: Through Inner Medicine; The Path of Practice: A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing; Ayurveda: A Life of Balance; Ayurveda Secrets of Healing, and her most recent work, a meditative journal called, Love! A Daily Oracle for Healing.

For more than two decades, Maya has been addressing large audiences of wellness, health, and interfaith conferences on topics ranging from Ayurveda and ahimsa, to Self-realization. Maya is a seasoned keynote speaker, and was honored by her selection as the Keynote Presenter at the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions, in Melbourne, Australia. Alongside the Dalai Lama and great men and women of faith, Maya’s address had a dramatic impact on the consciousness of each of its participants. Her focus on the theme of global reconciliation as seen through the lens of her Living Ahimsa work is a reflection of Maya’s philosophy:

By cultivating personal awareness of ahimsa we can find a common language that needs no words—a communion centered in the heart of oneness. If each one of us makes a commitment to inner harmony, we will surely succeed in achieving the ultimate goal of our human destiny—that of a spiritual freedom that unites us. Ultimately, it is the work of awareness within the individual person that will change the world for the better.—Maya Tiwari

Maya served for two decades as a Vedic monk, belonging to India’s prestigious Veda Vyasa lineage. In 2010, Maya made the radical decision to renounce her monastic title and spiritual moniker—Her Holiness, Sri Swami Mayatitananda. This decision was made, as she puts it, “walk a simpler and more accessible life in service of the populations in need,” which she continues to do to this day.

For More Information:

Visit Maya’s website
Maya’s Facebook page

Yoga Couples Retreat: Live in Love Together

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

Dive into the depths of what your loving relationship means to you and explore how to keep it alive. Gain inspiration and practical tools to keep communication channels open. Release old patterns and stories that block you from experiencing the deepest connections.

In this Couples Retreat you can expect to have fun learning:

  • Compassionate listening and finding our own authentic selves
  • Tools for deepening your friendship and understanding
  • Reinforcing your values and visions for the future
  • A marriage checklist for renewal and adjustment
  • Nurturing and playful experiences to encourage expressions of appreciation, love and joy
  • Partner Yoga to bring heart and soul, body and mind together

Bring your partner and join in on this special retreat for couples, dedicated to helping you resolve to live by your relationship’s most important equation:

Life + Connectedness + Love = Healthy Relationships

Create intimate connections that deepen your awareness of Unity and bring you closer to the one you love.

Healthy, loving relationships are worth investing in. Enjoy this couples’ weekend retreat as you learn to meet the challenges that career, child-rearing, household, illness and society can bring to bear on your relationships.  Establish balance and gain insights to navigate life’s rough spots while staying joyfully connected to your loved one.

[This retreat] gave us just the inspiration and information needed to move through some difficult areas and refocus on the joy in our relationship.  We are so grateful to have shared this time with them.  Their faith, warmth, humor and example of relationship gave us great hope and we look forward to our next retreat with them. — Program Participants

About the Presenters  

Yoga Couples’ Retreat-at YogavilleRevs. Bhagavan and Bhavani Metro bring fifty years of intimate relationship experience into their workshops, offering freely of their own struggles, successes, and insights.  Personally guided by Sri Swami Satchidananda, they have gleaned rich techniques and used the Integral Yoga teachings to support their intimate, loving, compassionate, and joyful relationship.  Bhagavan and Bhavani are surrounded by a large loving family that is composed of thirty-four members and five generations living within a few miles of their home at Yogaville.  With their great enthusiasm, joy, humor, and compassion, the Revs. Metro share their collective life wisdom and experiences by offering workshops and lectures.

Spring into Summer: Practice, Sweat, Reflect and Play

Registration begins Friday 2:00 PM, Program begins Friday 4:00 PM and ends on Sunday at 2:30 PM

Spring into Summer5 smallWrap up spring and leap into summer by joining us for an unforgettable weekend of community and inspiration. The tranquil Virginia countryside at Yogaville provides a safe haven for reflecting on the year so far. Reaffirm your priorities and nurture your goals for a fulfilling 2015.

This opportunity is a gift to re-evaluate, recharge, and rediscover your most valuable and meaningful self in a space that allows you to reflect in stillness, push your barriers, and ignite a spark for a change. Come detach from your daily routine and reinvigorate your practice.

Mimi and Hawah have over 25-years of combined teaching experience. They’ll guide you through uplifting asana classes, transformational pranayama sessions, deep meditation, and enlightening discussion circles. Best of all, you’ll be immersed in a powerful Sangha (community) of committed individuals.Spring into Summer4

Join us for friendship and fellowship, and leave feeling invigorated with a renewed sense of purpose and momentum.




Spring into Summer2Hawah Kasat is an artist, author, educator, and community organizer who co-founded One Common Unity, a non-profit organization located in Washington, DC. He has dedicated his life to teaching about solutions to violence and ways to peace, and has traveled to over 30 countries in the past 12 years to facilitate interactive workshops, perform poetry, and teach yoga.

The Poetry of Yoga

The Poetry of Yoga

Hawah holds certifications in both Jivamukti and Sivananda Yoga. He has spent the past 12 years also learning from other yoga traditions including Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, Vinyasa Flow, and Iyengar Yoga. He maintains a Vipassana Meditation practice and also practices Kung Fu, specifically training in Shaolin, Tai Chi, Li Hu Ba Fa, and Baguazhang styles, with Sifu Liu Xiao Ling. He is featured as a monthly commentator in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine.

One Common Unity (non-profit organization):

Video “Fly by Light”





MMimi Riegerimi Rieger, E-RYT has been practicing yoga since 1998 and has been teaching for over ten years. Her physical journey began with ballet at the age of four through her teens and progressed to martial arts and yoga in her twenties to the present day. Mimi is registered through Yoga Alliance and received her yoga certification in 2003 at the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Washington, DC.

In 2005, she became the first certified Budokon® teacher in the area and is the Regional Director of Budokon® Yoga for Budokon® International. In 2009, she received her Progressive Ashtanga Yoga certification and in 2010 received her Rocket Vinyasa Yoga certification both under David Kyle. She is featured in many health publications and is a contributor to local and national media outlets.







Yoga Pants:


Spring into Summer

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LifeForce Yoga® to Manage Your Mood  

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

LifeForce Yoga Practitioner 1

LifeForce Yoga interweaves the power of an ancient discipline with current scientific findings. In a safe and accepting environment, you’ll learn Yoga practices that can help you maintain your optimum mental health and methods to safely release chronically held tension and repressed emotion in the physical and emotional body.


We’ll practice:
Pranayama and kriya breathing techniques that regulate the emotions
• Meditations that lift the mood
• Affirmations (sankalpa)
• Guided visualizations (bhavana)
• Tones that regulate the emotions (mantras)
• Hand gestures that affect different areas of the chakra system and the body (mudras)
• Yoga asanas suitable for all levels
• Nondual partner sharing

You’ll leave feeling refreshed and renewed with ancient strategies to revitalize your practice and manage your mood.  Medical professionals and Yoga teachers will learn techniques they can use to help their clients focus, relax, and have greater access to their feelings.

In Yoga, one shoe doesn’t fit all—all bodies, all levels of experience, all moods.Learn how to assess the mood—yours and your students, and design a menu of practices to meet you where you are. Fulfills the prerequisite for the LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training.

No matter what your mood, Amy’s unique LifeForce Yoga program will bring you balance and joy. I loved this practice!—Lilias Folan, PBS Host; author, Lilias! Yoga Gets Better with Age

About the Presenter

Lifeforce Training at YogavilleAmy Weintraub, MFA, E-RYT 500, is the founding director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute and has been a pioneer in the field of Yoga and mental health for over twenty years. She is the author of Yoga for Depression (Broadway Books) and Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management (W.W. Norton, 2012).

She offers professional trainings and workshops for mental health and Yoga professionals and speaks at medical and psychological conferences internationally. She is involved in ongoing research on the effects of Yoga on mood.

Amy’s evidence-based LifeForce Yoga protocol is in use in healthcare settings worldwide and is featured on the award-winning CD and the DVD series LifeForce Yoga to Beat the Blues. She edits a newsletter that includes current research, news, and media reviews on Yoga and mental health, archived on


Yoga and Mindfulness for Healing the Body, Mind, & Emotions

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

This workshop will focus on strategies for healing the body and mind through Yoga and mindfulness techniques.

You will learn:

  • Established and powerful scientific ways in which you can rewire the brain, releasing old patterns and introducing new, healing energy
  • Hands-on healing methods designed to help with emotional balance that can impact on anxiety, depression, addictions, anger, stress, and other emotional and mental issues
  • Tools for helping and assisting with physical healing issues

This program will introduce you to the concepts and practices that Dr. Mala uses with her clients.

More Information 

The field of neuroscience shows that we can change our brain patterns—and therefore change our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which introduces healing into our system.

These ideas and tools are on the cutting edge of neuroscience and therapy.  Come learn what neuroscience, Yoga and mindfulness have to offer you.


I’ve never ever experienced such a magical combination of learning high quality information with a very high spirituality that tightly hugged my heart.

The program exceeded my expectations. It incorporated the intellectual, spiritual and physical beautifully.

Awesome! Excellent job speaking, organizing and presenting all of the information.

Mala’s skill, knowledge, professionalism, and accessibility exceeded my expectations.

About the Presenter 

Yoga and Mindfulness at Yogaville

M. Mala Cunningham, Ph.D., is a Counseling Psychologist in private practice in Charlottesville, VA. and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia Nursing School.  Dr. Cunningham is the President of Positive Health Solutions and is the Founder and Director of Cardiac Medical Yoga.  She is a senior disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda and has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over thirty-five years.  She is also a widely recognized authority in the field of Yoga Psychology and Medical Yoga and has been featured in numerous radio, print, and TV interviews. See more at


Introduction: Basic Meditation

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

A calm and focused mind can achieve anything, and the beautiful science of meditation provides perfect tools for that calm and focus.


  • Soothes the mind
  • Reduces stress
  • Brings you in touch with the peace within
  • Provides spiritual, emotional, and physiological benefits
  • Enables you to become the master of your own mind
  • Is profound, simple, easy to learn, and quickly rewarding

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to meditate
  • Ways to use meditation throughout the day and in various situations
  • A variety of techniques to enhance your meditation

Regardless of your previous experience, you will go home with the knowledge and inspiration to develop clarity, calmness, and concentration that lead to self-mastery.


Swami Gurucharanananda, lovingly referred to as “Mataji,” is a senior monk-disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda.  She is one of our most popular teachers, at Yogaville and abroad.  Mataji serves in many capacities through Guest Services.  She enjoys waking you up, leading guided meditations, Hatha Yoga classes, and meditation workshops. She is a loved mentor-counselor to retreatants and guests.  She reads from Sri Gurudev’s talks and teachings during lunch, offers Guru puja, and has a joy-filled smile for everyone!

The Four Main Paths of Yoga: An Experiential Retreat

 Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

When aligned, the hand, heart, and head form a wonderful ladder to help us climb to a more fulfilling life rooted in Spirit.

  • Path one (the hand) corresponds to Karma Yoga: How to use the actions of your daily life to purge your past karma rather than accumulate new karma.
  • Path two (the heart) corresponds to Bhakti Yoga: How to form a living relationship with the Divine to transcend the limitations of the ego.
  • Path three (the head) corresponds to Jnana Yoga: How to use your discriminating intelligence to penetrate through the illusion and wake up to the Self.
  • Path four (Raja Yoga) integrates other approaches including Hatha Yoga so that you can develop into a well-rounded human being and a balanced, mature soul

Since an ounce of practice is worth tons of theory, Swami Asokananda gives a good amount of focus to the practical ways we can absorb each of these approaches and develop into to true Integral yogis.


Asokananda was very accessible, highest level of expertise.

Swami Asokananda is brilliant, very loving, genuine and caring. Very well prepared to meet needs.

I enjoy any program with Swami Asokananda as he takes me to a new level of consciousness.

—Program Participants

 About the Presenter 


Swami Asokananda, E-RYT 500, a monk since 1973, is one of Integral Yoga’s foremost teachers and is one of the primary instructors for Intermediate and Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. He presently serves as president at the New York Integral Yoga Institute. Before this position, he served as the President of Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville and Integral Yoga International.

Radiant Health and Serenity Labor Day Retreat

Registration begins Friday at 4 pm; program begins Friday at 8 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm

This powerful retreat is a transformational immersion into the scientific and spiritual healing power of Ayurveda and the eight-limbed path of Yoga.

  • Understand the foundational principles of Ayurveda and the Tri-Dosha theory (vatta, pitta, and kapha) for health and longevity and its practical applications in nutrition, rejuvenation, and daily life
  • Enjoy the benefits of Yin and Restorative Yoga postures, which will balance the nervous system, enhance flexibility, open the body, and create space for emotional healing
  • Learn to deepen your capacity for breath and access to prana (life force) for increased energy and vitality
  • Practice meditation and stress reduction techniques for profound relaxation and deep healing
  • Understand the essence of Yoga through Patanjali’s eight-limbed system and how to take your Yoga off the mat for a life of clarity, joy, and balance

Ayurveda book and notes are included.  Personal treatments and individual consultations are available at an extra cost.

Amazing combination of practical information and experiential knowledge!  I got much more than I expected! –Program Participant

Radiant Health and Serenity at Yogaville (2)

Dr. Michael Muktan Sullivan, D.C., D.Ay., founder and director of Riverview Spa, The Ayurveda and Yoga Center near Yogaville, is a diplomate of Ayurvedic medicine from the International Ayurvedic Institute, He has studied and worked at the Ayurvedic Hospital in Coimbatore, South India and completed advanced studies in Ayurveda in Pune, India.

He has been a chiropractor and a Yoga teacher for over thirty years.  Dr. Sullivan is a popular lecturer on back care, Yoga, meditation, holistic health and anatomy, and he has lead workshops on Ayurveda, nutrition, Yoga, and meditation at various Yoga and retreat centers throughout the United States and abroad.

His twenty-eight years as a student of Sri Swami Satchidananda, founder of Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville (who was under his personal care many times) directly influenced and inspired his vast understanding of Ayurveda and the Yogic lifestyle, which he enthusiastically lives and passes on to all those who visit Riverview Spa.  He maintains a close relationship to Yogaville, where he lectures and teaches.

Radiant Health and Serenity at YogavilleRenata Gregori Sullivan, C.Y.T., has been teaching Yoga for over fifteen years.  She was a professional singer and actress before devoting herself to the study and practice of Yoga.  Her classes are dynamic and inspiring, combining luxurious Thai Yoga massage, informed adjustments, creative sequencing, transitions, and variations that make the postures more accessible. Along with healing breathwork and chanting, Renata’s classes create a joyful, heart-opening, and soul-satisfying experience.

Renata teaches workshops, trainings, and retreats in Yoga and Thai Yoga massage and has several instructional DVDs.  She is the Director of the Yoga Program at Riverview Spa, the Ayurveda, Yoga and Chiropractic Center near Yogaville.  She maintains a close relationship to Yogaville, where she teaches, lectures and leads Kirtan.