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with Rev. Lakshmi Barsel, Ph.D.

New Year’s Silent Retreat Re-align Yourself with Your Highest Goals at Yogaville

It’s a new year! There’s a sense of fresh possibilities and energy for change. That makes it a perfect time to pause, reflect, relax, and re-align yourself with your highest goals.

Our New Year’s Silent Retreats have been popular for over thirty years. Seasoned retreat goers as well as those trying a retreat for the first time enjoy this opportunity to press pause on their busy lives.

It’s amazing what a little silence can do! The silence of the Retreat helps participants slow down to truly nourish body, mind and spirit. Away from the demands of normal daily life, many find themselves reacquainted with their ideals, their dreams and the ways they can bring their “regular” lives into alignment.

Retreat participants keep silence, but the presenters and staff speak to bring you all levels (beginner to experienced) of yoga’s physical poses, meditation techniques, and a variety of talks to help you renew healthy mental and physical goals for 2015.

The New Year Silent Retreat offers

  • The gentle and practical teachings of Integral Yoga, including daily practice of asana (the physical poses), pranayama (breathing practices), guided deep relaxation and meditation

  • The profound support of a yogic environment, including yogic diet (delicious, nutritious and organic vegetarian meals),

  • Mauna (the practice of contemplative silence), the natural beauty and sacred spaces of Yogaville

  • Inspiration to help you forge your individual path

This retreat is suited to students of all levels of experience. Those new to Yoga and the practice of silence will receive full instruction and support. Experienced retreatants can move even more deeply within. You will also have the opportunity to seek additional guidance or clarification by asking questions in writing.