Living in Gratitude: Filling Your Life With Joy and Love

with Rev. Paraman Barsel, Rev. Lakshmi Barsel, Ph.D.

Loving what you do is the key to success not only in all spiritual practice but in your life as a whole.  Such a life does not depend on your having the “perfect” outward circumstances—such as job, partner or money.  It is solely dependent on your own state of mind.  A life of constant thanksgiving is the universal antidote to all negativity, which blocks us from a life of optimum health and happiness. Living in Gratitude:  Filling Your Life With Joy and Love will help you remove the obstacles to a full and complete happiness.

Learn to abide in your Nature as unshakeable happiness and peace through positive affirmation and other powerful yoga practices to attune you to the golden present.  We will explore Swami Satchidananda’s affirmations for peace—core teachings for living in fullness.

Revs. Paraman and Lakshmi will help you explore living in a state of gratefulness and guide you in a number of simple but powerful techniques.  You will also experience guided meditation, hatha yoga and time to relax, read and walk in the woods.

Living in Gratitude - Filling Your Life With Joy and LoveRev. Paraman Barsel has served as Director of the Washington, D.C. and New York Integral Yoga® Institutes and as President of Yogaville®-West in California and Yogaville-East in Connecticut. One of Integral Yoga’s most humorous, lively and insightful speakers, he has taught all aspects of Yoga for over thirty-five years. He was one of the original designers and instructors of Integral Yoga Basic Hatha Teacher Training and has taught Raja Yoga Teacher Training, and beginning and advanced Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga and meditation workshops.

Rev. Lakshmi Barsel, Ph.D., has taught Integral Yoga to people of all ages and walks of life for over thirty years. Besides teaching classes in Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga I & II, meditation and pranayama, and serving as spiritual director for silent retreats, Lakshmi teaches specialized teacher trainings, such as Raja Yoga and Meditation teacher trainings, and on-going scripture classes on the Bhagavad Gita and the Thirukkural. She has a Ph.D. in Linguistic Anthropology and presently serves as the Yogaville Director of Program Development and Advertising.


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