Learn the Healing Art of Thai Foot Reflexology

with LIa Pardy, LMBT 4318, Approved Provider NCBTMB 451468-10

Learn the Healing Art of Thai Foot Reflexology at Yogaville1Learn to bring pure bliss to the legs, feet and overall well being. Thai Foot massage is a relaxing yet invigorating treatment of the feet and lower leg that was greatly influence by two of its closest neighbor’s China and India and their reflexology systems that are thousands of years old. When the Thais met Chinese reflexology they softened the technique making it more pleasurable with a wide variety of sabaai relaxing techniques to offset the jep deeper techniques of the Chinese approach. The result is a blend of Chinese Reflexology, Thai acupressure points and “Sen Line” work along with wonderfully stimulating and relaxing hand techniques. A special tool (a carved teak stick) is used for pressure points and is a great way for the giver to preserve strength and mobility of the small muscles of the hands.

In this course, you will learn:

• Quality of touch, meditative approach where one finds “perfect nesting spot” and “sinks in,” not with muscular force but rather with smooth, graceful movements and healing intention.

• Applied metta— Buddhist “loving kindness”— the ethics behind this Ayurvedic technique provides giver and receiver sense of peace and well being.

• The Ayurvedic method linked directly to Nadis in yoga.

This in-depth course teaches Thai foot reflexology theory, pressure points and techniques. After completing this course you will be able to perform the unique 60-minute Thai reflexology session.

These techniques can be applied by a yoga teacher in private session, in restorative and yin classes as well as in savasana and aim to train in quality and intention of touch.

For those interested in quality of touch, tool for life, for caregivers, for partners to share, for the professional massage therapist, for yoga teachers.

You will receive a manual with clear instruction and drawings, hand outs with Ayurvedic cross reference, Chinese reflex points for cross reference, articles on quality and intention of touch. Learn the Healing Art of Thai Foot Reflexology at Yogaville2

No prerequisites necessary, this course is designed for the professional or for those interested in this healing modality.


“Lia, thank you, with deepest gratitude, for the opportunity to be a part of the workshop. It was rejuvenating for me on so many levels to be in your presence and to imbibe your passion for and dedication to the work, your integrity, and your caring, generous, spirit. I left feeling like i inhabited a new body which allowed for some deeper openings and awarenesses later in the week. I also fell in love with the power and potential depth of Thai Massage and have been incorporating aspects of it into my massage practice (my body and being thank you, as do my clients!).” -W.W., Licensed Massage Therapist

“Lia, I so enjoyed your class, and especially you and your teaching. I love the hands on connection with other people. Now I just need to work on remembering all the sequences and techniques, but I’m really wanting to go farther with this.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and entree into something I feel would be as personally meaningful to me as it would be helpful to others.” -Kathy, student/yoga teacher

“Lia, I loved the role playing aspect of Sita and Ram and the challenge of balancing give and take. And I just love the way working with a partner allows you to get more out of a pose. You are such a wonderful teacher, and it seems like you really enjoyed teaching this fun class.” -Aimee

14 CE Credits

Learn the Healing Art of Thai Foot Reflexology at YogavilleLia Pardy, LMBT 4318, Approved Provider NCBTMB 451468-10, has been practicing and teaching Yoga, Thai Yoga Therapy and Thai Foot Reflexology for many years. Her passion is watching her students and clients transform their lives through the ancient art of Yoga, Ayurveda and Nuad Boran Thai Massage. Lia currently teaches in massage schools and yoga studios throughout the northeast (including Boone Healing Arts Center, Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, WilmingtonYoga Center, Chetola Resort and Spa, Neighborhood Yoga and more). She also holds advanced certification in Thai Massage from the Lek Chaiya School of Classic Nerve Touch Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is an Approved Provider of Continuing Education, through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). Visit her website at: thaiyogamassage.us

Thai Yoga Foot Reflexology


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