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with Cathy Woods, E-RYT 500

Registration begins Friday 4:00 PM, Program begins Friday 8:00 PM and ends on Sunday at 12:00 PM

Launch Your Yoga Journey2Set in motion a experience that will enrich your life! With Yogini Cathy Woods.

Often in the beginning of the year we set New Year intentions but sometime by mid-year those intentions begin to fade. This program is a great way to empower & recharge your yoga practice. This is a significant program for those who want to: explore yoga, those wanting to renew and expand their existing practice, those fairly new to the practice, and for those wanting to gain a genuine understanding of yoga.

In this comprehensive program, participants will gain a clear, practical, concise, experience of yoga, on all of its levels, body, mind and spirit. Acquire a genuine understanding & fundamental grounding in yoga as it’s meant to be experienced.

Sometimes, there seems to be confusion about what yoga is and what it is not. Confusion about jargon, styles, systems, and “brands” of yoga. Many students seem to be learning a very “westernized” version of yoga based around exercise & getting fit. Often of these classes are missing the “essence” of the practice.

In this program we will capture that essence! Students leave with a positive experience, a strong, easy to follow base for embarking on their yogic journey, feeling rested, renewed, & empowered • The true meaning of yoga, an awareness practice yoking body, mind, spirit.

We’ll explore

• Asanas (postures)

• Guided/silent meditation

• Pranayama (breath work)

• Stress reduction/relaxation

• Yamas/Niyamas (inward/outward observances) & all 8 limbs of yoga

• Metaphors of yoga & how to incorporate them into ALL we do, on/off the mat

• Easy to follow guidelines as to how to take the practice home

• Experiential work, mindful walks, meditation in motion

NOTE: This isn’t an esoteric workshop, nor about yogic texts & the like, but a simple & authentic understanding of the practice.


Launch Your Yoga Journey at YogavilleCathy Woods
is a long time Yogini & Life Skills Retreat leader to learn more view bio below & visit; to view some of Cathy’s published works visit Confused About Yoga & Award winning video/article, Rural Yoga & CD, Deep Peace Inner Stillness Meet Cathy Woods Free Guided Meditation.