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with David Newman (Durga Das) & Mira


This in depth course is designed to explore the many facets of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga.  It is a concise training to deepen one’s understanding and practice of the rich Indian devotional chant tradition.  It is designed to support a deeper relationship with Kirtan and the means and tools to both make Kirtan a more significant part of daily practice and to gain more confidence to facilitate Kirtan for others.

The course includes:

–       Sanskrit mantra pronunciation, transliteration and translation.

–       Storytelling of the ancient myths of India and their mantric relevance.

–       Teachings and Practices of the Bhakti Yoga tradition.

–       Support for creative chant composition and musical guidance.

–       Methodology for practicing and leading Kirtan.

This program is open to everyone.  A musical background is not required!


David Newman (Durga Das) is a poet in a mystic musician’s body. When accompanied by the ethereal vocals and rhythmic percussion of Mira, the bliss is unmatched.”  LA Yoga Magazine



David Newman (Durga Das) and Mira are widely recognized Chant Artists who travel throughout the world spreading love, and uplifting others through Kirtan, sacred song and the devotional aspects of the Yoga path known as Bhakti Yoga.  Their music embodies a devotional mysticism, distinctive musicality, poetic intimacy and a joyous, often ecstatic quality.  David’s sublime melodies and soothing voice combined with Mira’s angelic vocals and lively grooves create an atmosphere for healing, joy and openness of heart.

David has released ten CDs including:

Soul Freedom
Lotus Feet
Into the Bliss
Leap of Grace
Love Peace Chant
To Be Home
Travel Well
Love is Awake (To be released in Spring, 2015)


His book ‘The Timebound Traveler’ #1 Amazon Best Seller. Released in 2014 is available at:

David is also the founder of Yoga On Main in Philadelphia.