Jnana Yoga; Journey into Awareness

with Swami Daasyananda, Prajapati Swaine, Ph.D.

Identification with the limited mind/body exclusively prohibits us from experiencing ourselves as the Eternal Unchanging Awareness, or Self, that we really are.

This Workshop will seek to lead us to experience the Unchanging Eternal Awareness that is always present in every moment of our daily lives, and to encourage us to make that Greater Awareness our permanent abiding place from which we experience our world.

In this workshop senior disciples of Si Swami Satchidananda will relate their experiences as they have practiced the Self-Inquiry of Jnana Yoga, and speak of some of the practices they found helpful. You will have the opportunity to explore these practices and receive guidance, as well as experiencing many other aspects of Yoga, including daily Hatha Yoga, breathing practices, deep relaxation, meditation and yogic diet, and connecting with the power and beauty of nature.

Jnana Yoga  Inquiry into Our Eternal Awareness at YogavilleSwami Daasyananda started serving Integral Yoga in January 1975  in Denver, Colorado. He took Pre-Sannyas Initiation in 1975 and Sannyas Initiation in 1977. Also serving at the Denver, Santa Cruz and New York IYIs.

Has lived in Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville from 1980 to Present, serving mostly at the Ashram in the Maintenance Department and as well as book-keeper in IYI Natural Food Store in Charlottesville, VA.




Jnana Yoga - Inquiry into Our Eternal Awareness @ Yogaville

Prajapati Swaine, Ph.D. is a devotee of Sri Swami Satchidananda.  He has completed advanced level teacher training with Swami Asokananda , in Yogaville. He founded and directed the Pennsylvania Integral Yoga® Center before moving to Yogaville.  His special interest is in self-discovery through Hatha and Jhana Yoga practices.   

Prajapati has a doctorate in guidance and counseling and was in private practice in New York City for many years. He earned a doctorate degree in guidance counseling, and a masters degree in psychology, and was employed for many years as a psychotherapist in New York City. A dedicated yoga practitioner as well as a certified Integral Yoga® teacher, he is an enthusiastic advocate of the benefits of yoga practice.

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