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with Rev. Lakshmi Barsel, Ph.D., with Senior Staff

 To attend first weekend only call Ashram Reservations Center at 1-800-858-9642. Tuition for first weekend only $235.

Poornima 2For over forty years our Signature Ten-Day Silent Retreat has been a refuge for those who want to take time off and turn inward.  Join us for this time of Self-Discovery, during which you will refresh and replenish body, mind and soul, balance the emotions and align yourself with who you really are, what you want and where you are going.  Within every heart is the potential for greatness. Take time this year and rediscover that greatness and create the life that you desire.

Modern-day life demands a lot of our attention and energy.  It engages all of our thoughts, talents and time, leaving us very little quiet time to replenish our core being and reflect on the big picture of who we are and where we want our live to be taking us.

In this annual Ten-Day Silent Retreat, you will experience the many aspects of yoga so carefully woven together by Sri Swami Satchidananda when he designed the inaugural Silent Retreat four decades ago. Enjoy Hatha Yoga, pranayama (breathing practices), guided deep relaxation and meditations each day, delicious and nutritious organic vegetarian meals and the natural beauty and deep sacred spaces of Yogaville, all enhanced by the practice of silence. A keystone of the program will be the inspirational talks given each day. This year we are honored and delighted to present some of Integral Yoga’s most inspired teachers, who will share insights, chants and meditation techniques and guide you on your inner journey.

Observing an extended period of silence offers a profound opportunity for the mind to unwind—attention that is usually externalized through conversation can be drawn inward as we recognize and release emotional and mental patterns, diving into a deeper experience of our inner strength and our true peace-filled nature.  When we practice silence, the body automatically engages all the energy normally expended in speaking and communicating with the outside world in rejuvenating and restoring the entire system on a very deep level.

The retreat is suited to students of all levels of experience. Those new to yoga and the practice of silence will receive full instruction and support. Experienced retreatants will have the opportunity to move even more deeply within through multilevel Hatha Yoga and meditation workshops. You will also have the opportunity to seek additional guidance, support or clarification by asking questions in writing.

If you cannot come for the entire ten days, you may attend the first weekend.

Ten-Day Silent RetreatRev. Lakshmi Barsel is a senior Integral Yoga teacher. She has taught Raja Yoga, meditation, and scripture classes on the Bhagavad Gita and the Thirukkural. She has a Ph.D. in linguistic anthropology and presently serves as the director of the Satchidananda Prison Project.



Click to download and print program flyer

Click to download and print program flyer