Hormone Yoga Therapy for Menopause

with Dinah Rodrigues

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Menopause is a controversial subject. For many people it is considered a phase of intellectual decline, loss of femininity and ” the beginning of growing old.”
Dinah Rodrigues, however, could never accept this.  In 1992 she began studying menopause in its physiological, psychological and aesthetic aspects and developed Hormone Yoga Therapy for Menopause. From her studies she has concluded that menopause is just a period of low hormones during which women do not need to experience any negative symptoms.

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It is a natural treatment that works with the physical and energetic bodies, using a series of special yoga asanas to reactivate hormone production and, as a consequence, eliminates most of the symptoms of menopause.  As Yoga Therapy increases the body’s output of estradiol (an important form of estrogen), it also helps in the prevention of osteoporosis and cardio-vascular diseases. 
Without medication, it also brings also vitality, good health and a positive outlook on life.




Hormone Yoga Therapy for Menopause at YogavilleDinah Rodrigues is a pioneer in Yoga Therapy, renowned as a yoga miracle-worker in her native Brazil.  A graduate of the University of Sao Paolo (USP) in psychology and philosophy, she is known for her innovative work in yoga therapy for menopause, andropause and diabetes. Dinah Rodrigues has studied and practiced Hatha Yoga for over forty years. Since her very first contact with Hatha Yoga, she realized that this is what she was looking for and began to intensely study Pranayama, Qigong and Kundalini Yoga, all of which work with individual energy.

During her college years at the USP, she also pursued her interest in Yoga Therapy by attending national and international congresses and studying with Swami Sarvananda, who came to teach in Brazil.  Inspired by these studies she began a serious study of anatomy and hormone physiology, which is now the basis of her Hormone Yoga Therapy. At this time she couldn’t find any kind of a discussion of yoga asanas for women with low hormones so she used her own ingenuity and combined her knowledge of anatomy and physiology with all that she had learned about the branches of yoga, asana and pranayama to develop a program that works on the female glandular system, Hormone Yoga Therapy.

Dinah Rodrigues is an internationally acclaimed Hormone Yoga Therapist, who brings a holistic approach to this subject. It was immediately very successful and by 2002 she was being invited to Europe to teach her program.  One year later she began teaching in Canada and the United States.  Men soon were asking her about andropause so she began teaching asana series for men with very good results.  After that she branched out develop Hormone Yoga Therapy for Diabetes using different asanas to tone the different glands affected by diabetes.  The results for this program were amazing for both diabetes 1 and 2.

Hormone Yoga Therapy for Menopause

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