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gurupoornima@yogavilleOn the annual sacred occasion of Guru Poornima, devotees worldwide pay homage to their Guru. We will honor our Gurudeva, His Holiness Sri Swami Satchidananda and appreciate the Divine Light at the heart of all spiritual traditions. In the morning, join us for a special puja at Chidambaram followed by a Light of Truth Universal Service at LOTUS All Faiths Hall and an interfaith program in the afternoon. In the evening we will have heartfelt offerings from the sangha and friends of Yogaville.

Guru Poornima Schedule

Friday, July 19

7:30 pm: Guru Puja outside at Kailash

8:30 pm: Chanting of the Guru Gita and Arathi at Chidambaram


Saturday July 20

9:30 am: Puja offered to Sri Gurudev at Chidambaram

10:30 am: Procession to and around LOTUS

11:00 am: Light of Truth Universal Service in LOTUS All Faiths Hall celebrating the 27th Anniversary of LOTUS Live Online

1:00 pm: Festive Luncheon at Sivananda Hall*

2:30 pm: Interfaith Panel at LOTUS All Faiths Hall Live Online

4:30 pm: Darshan at Ananda Kutir (4:00 pm for families)

7:30 pm: Jai Gurudev Evening Program Live Online


Sunday, July 21:

The Fine Arts Society of Yogaville Natya Adyayana Gurukulam

Silver Jubilee Celebration


8:00 am: Traditional Ganapathy Homa at KailashDedicated to HH Sri Swami Satchidanandaji Maharaj, Founder / Spiritual Guide of the Fine Arts Society


10:00 am: Festivities and Entertainment for Families with Children Including African Dance, Drumming and Juggling in Quad. All are Welcome

Seminar for Bharatha Natyam dancers and teachers with presentations of new choreographies by them, venue TBA. All are welcome


12:45 pm: Festive Luncheon at Sivananda Hall

(compliments of the Fine Arts Society)


4.30 pm: Evening Program at Ananda Kala Mandir

*Lighting of Silver Jubilee Vilakku by the Chief Guest

*Arati to Sri Gurudev by Swami Gurucharananada, Mataji

*Prayers by Gurukulam Students

*Welcome address

*Inaugural Address by the Chief Guest

*Honoring of Gurukulam Teachers and Staff

*“AIKYABHAARATAM” A unique Natyam Presentation by the Gurukulam students

*Universal Prayer