Foundations of Ayurveda and Yoga Certification Course – Durga Leela – 2014

with Durga Leela, E-RYT 500

Yoga Alliance Hours: 65 (approximate)

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Certificate issued jointly from American Institute of Vedic Studies (AIVS) and Yogaville

Foundations of Ayurveda and Yoga Certification Course

Course Details

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences for healing, integration and transformation on all levels of our being. Traditional Ayurveda focuses more on the treatment side of this process (Chikitsa) for body and mind, while Traditional Yoga aims more at self-development and Self-realization (Sadhana).

yoga_and_ayurveda_sws_and_durga1Modern Yoga has sometimes tried to create a therapeutic model, but, until now,  this has been largely apart from Ayurveda or restricted to asana only. Such a model is limited and seldom reflects the greater Yoga tradition or the Ayurvedic ramifications of Yoga philosophy and psychology. This course aims at providing a more traditional model of Yoga therapy based upon Ayurveda, the medical aspect of the Yoga tradition.

Ayurveda is now recognized as one of the most important systems of mind-body medicine available and its popularity is spreading throughout the world.  This comprehensive program covers the main Ayurvedic concepts and language.

This is a thorough, foundational course for students based on the books and distance learning programs of Dr David Frawley and taught in the Integral Yoga tradition. The course is designed for students of all kinds. There is no required medical background for those wishing to take the course.  You may already have a background in Yoga, such as gained by graduates of our TT or some kind of previous Yoga training.

Topics of study

Philosophy of Ayurveda, 3 Gunas, 5 elements, 3 doshas, 20 Qualities, 5 Subdoshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, Subtle Doshas – Prana, Tejas and Ojas, Digestion (agni), and waste elimination (mala), Constitutional Examination, Mental Nature

Upon successful completion of the training students receive a co-certification signed by the Integral Yoga and the American Institute of Vedic Sciences (AIVS).

Yoga of Recovery at Yogaville, October 2012Durga Leela, E-RYT 500 is a Clinical Ayurvedic and Pancha Karma Specialist, trained at the California College of Ayurveda and also in Kerala, India. She leads several Ayurvedic Retreats at International Sivananda Yoga Ashrams. Durga has been involved with the 12-Step Fellowship for over 10 years. She completed her Sivananda Yoga teachers Training Course in May 2002, the Meditation Immersion Course in January 2005 and the Advanced Yoga Teachers Training Course in March 2006.

“Durga brings a profound understanding of the psychological issues associated with addiction and recovery to her knowledge of the powerful healing traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda in her retreats and teaching. A recovery retreat led by Durga initiates and supports the process of deep inner work to create lasting change. Attending one of the Yoga, Ayurveda and Recovery Retreats is a personal gift that can last a lifetime.”

Felicia M. Tomasko
Editor, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health magazine
Board member, National Ayurvedic Medical Association
Boardmember, California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine


  • I liked the course very much.  It has created an awareness of Ayurvedic wisdom that has almost instantly become part of our life.  It has given a good foundation, to further explore Ayurveda.
  • the course met my expectations.  My intention was to get a firm foundation in principles of Ayurveda to understand its application.  The course did just that.
  • Truly higher than my expectations
  • Higher than my expectations

Can you share with us how it has helped you? 

  • It has given me better understanding and appreciation of Ayurveda as a holistic healing science of the Vedas.
  • Given me, as a physiotherapiest, an extra/new way to see/explain/treat people.  I consider it to be an excellent compliment to my western training.
  • I know basic knowledge on how to do constitutional assessment
  • Yes I do, this course is going to heal myself and my loved ones

Also, Did it help you personally to be more aware of your own issues? 

  • Quite immediately!  I was seeing the ‘play’ of doshas in my own body during the course.


  • June 29, 2014 - July 6, 2014
  • Tuition: $995.00
  • Lodging: $315.00 to $705.00
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