Fall Silent Retreat: Renew Your Direction, Renew Your Life

with Rev. Prakash Shakti, Retreat Director & Senior Staff

Fall Silent Retreat  Renew Your Direction, Renew Your Life1Autumn in the Virginia countryside: In the Fall Nature starts to turn inward, and we can join that quiet celebration. October’s festive colors and the cooler temperatures lend themselves to a feeling of contentment and contemplation. While enjoying the beautiful fall weather and scenery, we take time to go within, reflect on our lives and renew our direction.

Autumn is the perfect time of year for us to harmonize with nature and turn inward for meditation but, also, to learn more about ourselves.  The Integral Yoga® Signature Silent Retreats offer a guided way to slow down and refresh, relax and rejuvenate our systems.  As we recharge our bodies and quiet our minds, we rediscover the deep peace and commitment to uncover the lasting joy that exists within our own hearts.

During our fall silent retreat, you will experience the natural beauty and sacred spaces of Yogaville® as you nourish and nurture yourself through the many practices of Integral Yoga®. Beginners and long time yogis both can enjoy full benefit of the retreat. You will Renew Your Direction and Renew Your Life. Discover or deepen your experience of Hatha Yoga (the physical postures), yogic breathing, guided deep relaxation, meditation, and yogic diet (delicious, organic vegetarian meals). The powerful practice of maintaining silence supports your journey within. Inspiring and insightful talks, given by our swamis (monks), ministers and other senior teachers, focus on ways to know our True Nature more fully and to experience our natural bliss as we move through the ups and downs of daily life.

The program is suited to students of all levels of experience. Beginners to Yoga and the practice of silence will receive full instruction and support, and experienced retreatants will have the opportunity to move even more deeply within. You will also have the opportunity to seek additional guidance, support or clarification at any time by asking questions in writing or by requesting private mentoring.

Fall Silent Retreat  Renew Your Direction, Renew Your Life at YogavilleA Yoga teacher since 1971, Rev. Prakasha Shakti served as editor-in-chief for Integral Yoga Publications and director for three Integral Yoga Institutes. In San Francisco, she developed and taught programs for people with HIV & AIDS, served in hospices, and taught stress management for Dr. Dean Ornish’s program for people with heart disease. Currently, Prakasha is a spiritual life coach and writes about Yoga-related topics.


Fall Silent Retreat-  Renew Your Direction, Renew Your Life

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