• February 20-22, 2015
  • Tuition: $240.00
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with Susan C. Stone, Ph.D.

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Join Susan Stone, author of the historical novel The Kosambi Intrigue; A Tale at the Time of the Buddha for this remarkable workshop!

As long as we are locked into stress, we cannot live fully. Anxious thoughts and emotional reactions prevent us from truly experiencing the richness of the moment. Mindfulness is a way to free our lives. It works, as a growing body of scientific research and the testimony of practitioners from a wide range of religious backgrounds affirm.

Mindfulness means paying full attention to what is going on around and within us now. Through practice  we enhance our ability to identify and deal skillfully with our problems, we learn to live in a more embodied way, and our hearts open in kindness and compassion for ourselves and others. We start the practice to reduce stress. As we continue, we gain an increasing sense of peace and happiness. Finally, through lovingkindness, we gain insight into the fact that there isn’t anyone around us: we are one.

Take a break from stress and join us for this experiential workshop-retreat, where you will learn basic mindfulness practices, explore how to implement them in your life, and experience the health, psychological and spiritual gifts of compassion and loving kindness practices. There will be opportunity, if you wish, for individual conferences with the teacher. This program is designed for people new to the practices as well as seasoned practitioners.

Note: The option to observe silence during the weekend will be encouraged.


Mindfulness and Self-CompassionSusan Carol Stone, Ph.D.
, has practiced mindfulness thirty years, has lived in Zen Buddhist and Theravadan monasteries and is a Zen lay priest. She teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the UVa’s Mindfulness Center (www.uvamindfulnesscenter.org) and co-leads the Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville, a weekly mindfulness group (www.imeditation.org ). She has taught mindfulness at a men’s and a women’s maximum-security prisons, as well as in a private middle school. Susan is author of the historical novel The Kosambi Intrigue; A Tale at the Time of the Buddha published in 2012 and available on Amazon. Comments about the novel include: “A terrific read!” “an engrossing adventure,” “dramatic, engaging, brilliantly done,” “you don’t have to know anything about Buddhism to love this book.” She is also author of At the Eleventh Hour about mindfulness and caregiving and The American Mosaic about workforce diversity. Susan leads mindfulness workshops and retreats in a multi-state area. She is also a Reiki master. More information about Susan, her teaching and her latest book is available at www.susancarolstone.com.


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