Developing Emotional Resilience: The Gifts of Yoga and Energy Psychology

with Annemarie Carroll, Andy Matzner

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Developing-Emotional-Resilience---The-Gifts-of-Yoga-and-Energy-Psychology4Would you like to feel more emotionally balanced? Could you use some practical ideas for becoming more grounded and able to manage the challenges of life? Are you looking for a way to handle difficult emotions and experience more peace? The answers to developing a strong emotional core can be found both in yoga and energy psychology.
During this weekend, you will learn and practice a series of strategies for enhancing your emotional well-being. Studies show that yoga is effective in creating and improving feelings of confidence, energy, satisfaction and self-composure. By exploring yogic principles and postures that that hold the keys to resilience, you will develop the ability to avoid being overwhelmed during stressful situations.

In addition, you will discover the power of energy psychology, an increasingly popular method of self-healing that uses the body’s energy system to diffuse negative emotions. In particular, we will be focusing on “Emotional Freedom Technique,” a powerful and practical tool that combines acupressure and affirmations to create rapid positive emotional changes.

By combining the benefits of yoga and energy psychology, you will turbo-charge your ability to face life’s emotional challenges with confidence!

During this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Practical, powerful strategies for managing difficult emotions

  • How to develop and maintain a state of emotional resilience

  • Effective yoga poses for addressing difficult feelings, including depression and anxiety

  • How to use the breath to create and sustain emotional wellness

  • The basic concepts and procedures of energy psychology, which can be used for balancing the body’s energy system

  • “Emotional Freedom Technique,” a popular type of energy psychology that is used for emotional wellness, stress management, and increased vitality.


Developing Emotional Resilience - The Gifts of Yoga and Energy Psychology1Annemarie Carroll is a licensed clinical psychologist and yoga teacher whose special interest lies in the integration of these traditions to help people make change in their lives. In 1999, Annemarie earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Kent State University, specializing in assisting people with adjustment to traumatic injuries and chronic illness. In 2008, she completed her yoga teacher training with The Breathing Space, and has since completed numerous trainings on the therapeutic use of yoga, including its role in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse, chronic pain and insomnia. Annemarie has been employed as a professor/program head of Human Services at Virginia Western Community College for fifteen years. In addition, she sees psychotherapy clients and teaches therapeutic yoga classes through her private practice, Inner Wisdom Yoga and Psychotherapy.


Developing-Emotional-Resilience---The-Gifts-of-Yoga-and-Energy-Psychology2Andy Matzner is a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist and stress management consultant. Andy was the Director of Clinical Education at East Mental Health in Roanoke for two and a half years, and continues to provide trainings and workshops locally and nationally. He also teaches mental health skills and psychology at Virginia Western Community College. Andy is the author of several books, including The Buddha Diet: A Guide to Creating a Positive Relationship with Food and Eating (2012) and The Tarot Activity Book: A Collection of Creative and Therapeutic Ideas for the Cards (2013).





Developing Emotional Resilience