Confidence, Clarity & Compassion: A Workshop for Yoga Teachers and Yogis Who Want to Deepen Their Practice – 2014

with Cyndi Lee, E-RYT 500

Yoga Alliance  (approximate) 12 hours

Confidence, Clarity & Compassion at Yogaville

Confidence, clarity and compassion–the three most important qualities of any good yoga teacher or serious student–can only be developed through Deliberate Practice.

Working with generosity, discipline, patience, exertion, meditation and wisdom (the Six Practices of a Bodhisattva) this Deliberate Practice will create a clear framework for developing confidence, clarity, and compassion and creating sequences that inspire teachers and students alike.

Generosity is the bottom line and when tempered with discipline, confidence arises.

Clarity grows from the spacious attention of patience combined with right effort.

Careful placement of the mind in meditation leads to intuition, insight and the best wisdom of all which is compassion.

Each day we will explore one of these Deliberate Practices through asana, meditation, contemplation, group discussion and journaling.

Participants will learn how to embody these multi-layered concepts through precise movement principles that deepen their personal practice, as well as provide a map for staying Confident, Clear and Compassionate in everyday life.

Be prepared to dig deep and share what you find.

Yoga teachers, experienced or brand new; people considering teaching, or those who want to deepen their practice are welcome.

Confidence, Clarity & Compassion2Cyndi Lee, E-RYT 500, founder of OM Yoga, has been teaching the OM Yoga method—vinyasa integrated with precise alignment and the meditative elements of mindfulness and compassion—since 1996. She is a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, studying with Gelek Rimpoche since 1990. Cyndi is known worldwide for her playful, smart, soulful, no-baloney, highly effective teaching. She is the author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind; OM Yoga: A Guide to Daily Practice and writes for Yoga Journal.


Confidence, Clarity & Compassion at Yogaville

  • May 8-11, 2014
  • Tuition: $290.00
  • Lodging: $170.00 to $390.00
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