Circus Yoga Community Retreat…The Human Art of Play

with Erin Maile & Kevin OKeefe

Rediscover the Spirit of Play

For adults* & kids ages 7 to 107.
Special pricing for kids 18 and under!
Please call (800) 858-9642


Circus Yoga celebrates the whole family and community, the whole person, igniting a spirit of play and provide a level playing field for people of all ages and abilities. Join Circus Yoga co-founders Erin Maile O’Keefe & Kevin O’Keefe for a fun-filled weekend of circus arts, interactive yoga and transformational play that is both accessible and adventurous! Bring your friends and family and joyfully connect. Co-create the culture of a traveling circus and embody your part in it. Be on the edge of your learning and surprise yourself by what you can do in this retreat.

This program will feature:

• Group Games, Play & Invention

• Family and Community Yoga

• Partner Yoga, Acrobatics & Flying Yoga

• Circus Skills, Toys & Balance

• Dance, Art & Creative Movement

… and lots of FUN!

SONY DSCCome be part of a tribe that embraces the principles of inclusion, connection, co-authorship and empathy. Bring your partner, friends, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, or grandparents. Be courageous and learn how to live from a more playful, resilient, expressive, full-spectrum you! Everyone (adults & kids ages 7 to 107) is welcome! No prior experience is needed. For more information, see:

*Remember, adults who want to play more and professionals who work with children and families—classroom teachers, yoga instructors, social workers, group facilitators, and physical and occupational therapists—are welcome and will learn new skills to use in their work.


CircusYoga Community Retreat…The Human Art of Play at Yogaville (3)Erin Maile O’Keefe is an international educator and trainer who develops kinesthetic, multigenerational curriculums focusing on group inclusion, connection, empathy and co-authorship. She has worked with diverse cultural groups and communities from India to the Middle East to Mexico, strengthening connections through skillfully facilitated play. Her lifelong passion for exploring expressive and therapeutic movement have led her to certifications in Kripalu Yoga, Rasa Yoga, Thai Massage and Embodied Anatomy & Developmental Movement and Yoga from the School for Body-Mind Centering. She honors among her many teachers Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Beth Biegler, Reggie Ray, and Mabel Hefty.


CircusYoga Community Retreat…The Human Art of Play at Yogaville (2)Kevin O’Keefe is an advanced certified hatha yoga teacher, circus performer and educator. As founder of Circus Minimus and the American Youth Circus Organization, he has taught students and teachers throughout the world for over twenty-five years. In 2001 he was honored an Excellence in Education award from the International Jugglers Association. He received an advanced Hatha yoga certification in 1991 from the Integral Yoga Institute. He also taught for many years at the Big Apple Circus School and Sarah Lawrence College.

Erin & Kevin are multi-disciplinary artist-educators who have facilitated diverse cultural groups and communities worldwide in a blend of interactive yoga, circus arts, and transformational play for over 25 years. Their passion lies in fostering healthy connections, culture and resiliency in families, schools and whole communities. Since 1997, they have innovated kinesthetic curriculums, including CircusYoga, centered on the principles of inclusion, connection, empathy and co-authorship, leading immersions, trainings and mentorship programs for teachers, therapists, group leaders, and parents alike.

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