Secrets of Pranayama: Three Breakthroughs in Three Days

with Bhaktan Eberle

Explore the role of breath in life, in asana (yoga poses) and in meditation.

During this weekend we will:

• Explore the relationship between breathing and prana (life force)

• Experience the power of breathing and prana both in the Hatha Yoga and meditation poses

• Examine goals for practice, sort out deeper motivations and take a look at pitfalls along the way

It’s easy to find time for things we enjoy. Knowing exactly how to practice and what can be accomplished through practice makes practice enjoyable.

If people get stuck on a plateau, it’s usually not for lack of trying but because of a lack of understanding the basics. Because we will be concentrating on these often-overlooked basics, the Breath = Life workshop is suitable both for the experienced practitioner and for the energetic beginner.

Yoga breathing (pranayama) makes for dramatically increased energy, powerful digestion, nerves of steel and balanced mind; the benefits go all the way up to directly experiencing the energy that everything is made of — and the truth that is beyond even that.

In spite of this, very few practice pranayama regularly. Why?

☞ If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. ☜

In this weekend Bhaktan will open his trove of secrets from almost forty years — over 8000 hours — of practice and teaching.

You will get every trick and tool you need in order to succeed.

You’ll learn to identify the obstacles that prevent people from practicing — and how to easily, quickly and consistently overcome them.

There will be no attempt to tour the galaxy of pranayama techniques — only a few simple but very powerful practices will be introduced and thoroughly covered.

The information you will receive in this workshop can not be found in books.

Because of its focus on little-known basics the workshop is suitable for all levels.

Take this course if:

• you want to find out exactly how to develop a pranayama practice, from A to Z.

you already have a practice but want to go deeper.

you like direct experience in the now.

Do not take this course if you want to learn a lot of new techniques.

Bhaktan Eberle became an Integral Yoga teacher in 1973. Through pranayama, faith and introspection he was completely healed of very serious back problems and has for many years enjoyed excellent health and a constantly increasing level of energy. He is one of the top Pranayama teachers at Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia.

Comments from Bhaktan’s courses in the past include:

• “I’ve been a yoga teacher and teacher trainer for over twenty years, but I’ve never heard any of the stuff you teach. Excellent.”

• “Still remember first class I took of yours. Became one with the breath.”

• “I’ve been practicing yoga for fifteen years, but I never knew how it was done until I took your class.”

• “I learned more in a weekend than I would expect to learn in a week.”

• “I’ve had asthma for my whole life (over forty years). I’ve been practicing breathing the way you teach for five minutes a day for a few months and it’s gone.”

• “I was impressed. It was so productive. I didn’t think so much could unfold so quickly.” —M.P. 2012


Breath is Life


Bhaktan Eberle became an Integral Yoga teacher in 1973. Through pranayama and introspection he was completely healed of very serious back problems and has for many years enjoyed excellent health and a constantly increasing level of energy. His teaching comes from long study tempered in the fire of well over five thousand hours of pranayam practice.


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