• January 23-25, 2015
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with Bhaktan Eberle

Registration begins Friday 4:00 PM, Program begins Friday 8:00 PM and ends on Sunday at 12:00 PM

Limit: 20 participants

— the kind of breakthroughs you own, not the kind you slip into for a weekend.

1. In breathing

It took about twenty years of practice for Bhaktan to figure out that the pranayama techniques are not nearly as important as proper breathing. Breakthrough #1: You’ll learn some very simple things about how to breathe — things you will easily learn in this one weekend — that will make a huge difference in everyday life as well as on the mat.

“I suffered from asthma for over forty years. Since I’ve been practicing breathing your way for five minutes, twice a day, the symptoms are gone.” — P. E.

2. In the seated pose

It’s amazing how many people spend hours practicing yoga poses, then hours practicing breathing (or sitting meditation) — without ever putting the two together.

Breakthrough #3 comes by making a few very simple, easy adjustments in your body as you sit. This will make a massive difference in your enjoyment of your practice — and your success.

“I’ve been practicing and teaching meditation for decades. The way you teach posture made a big difference in my practice.” — C. M. 2013

3. In asana practice

After decades of trial-and-error asana practice the light gradually came on for Bhaktan: Nothing works if he’s not breathing well.

Breakthrough #2 comes during the Hatha Yoga classes: You find out both how to breathe while in a pose, and what you are trying to accomplish in a pose. You’ll get beyond effort and struggle into consciousness and joy.

“I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga for twenty years and I’ve never heard any of the stuff you teach.” S. Y. 2010

Take this course if 

You want practical teachings that you can apply now to tremendously increase your enjoyment of your practice now. (If you are a Yoga teacher, take this course if you want to spend time with a master teacher and receive much to share with your students that cannot be expressed — let alone found in books.)

Do not take this course if

You are looking for technical information about chakras, nadis, the five pranas, the five koshas, etc. — or for modern academic proof of the benefits of pranayama.

Bhaktan became a Yoga teacher in 1973. In the course of developing a regular practice he had to face and overcome countless obstacles.Through pranayama and and faith in God he was completely healed of very serious back problems and has for many years enjoyed excellent health and a constantly increasing level of energy. His teaching comes from long study tempered in the fire of well over five thousand hours of pranayama practice.

“I was impressed. It was so productive. I didn’t think so much could unfold so quickly.” —M.P. 2012


Breath is Life


Bhaktan Eberle became an Integral Yoga teacher in 1973. Through pranayama and introspection he was completely healed of very serious back problems and has for many years enjoyed excellent health and a constantly increasing level of energy. His teaching comes from long study tempered in the fire of well over five thousand hours of pranayam practice.




Secrets of Pranayama 1.23.15