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with Rev. Lakshmi Barsel, Ph.D., Rev. Paraman Barsel

 Registration begins Friday 4:00 PM, Program begins Friday 8:00 PM and ends on Sunday at 12:00 PM

“The aim of Yoga is to know the Truth which is one’s Self. This knowledge alone can help us to get out of all turmoil and petty-mindedness. We divide man into thousands of names: “I am this, I am that. Oh, he is different from me.” We group people colorwise, countrywise, racewise, religionwise; we kill each other. All these happen because we fail to see, to know, that we are above all these things. Look at the sea, all kinds of pollution fall into it. Does the sea get polluted? Perhaps near the shore, where it is shallow, but if you go a little farther, deep into the middle of the sea, there is no pollution. Everything comes in, but the sea itself never changes; it just remains the same. It is contented. So it is with people. If you reach the depths of your Self, you will also find this contentment.” ~Sri Swami Satchidananda

A calm and focused mind can achieve anything, and the beautiful science of Meditation provides the perfect tools for attaining that focus. This ancient practice, which is backed by modern science, is profound, simple, and quickly rewarding.

In this experiential and didactic workshop, you will learn how and why meditation reduces stress, in addition to its spiritual, emotional, and psychological benefits.

You will explore:

  • How to meditate
  • Ways to use meditation in various situations
  • Techniques to enhance your practice

If you have difficulty meditating or simply want to fortify your practice, this workshop will help you develop the clarity and concentration that enable you to become the master of your own mind.

“Lakshmi and Paraman are so helpful, honest, easygoing, intelligent, and willing—they provided such wonderful examples!” ~Michele Fischer, Past Participant

About the Instructors

ParamanRev. Paraman Barsel has taught Raja and Jnana Yoga, meditation, and all aspects of Integral Yoga for over forty years.  He served as director of the Washington, D.C., and New York Integral Yoga Institutes and as president of Yogaville–West and Yogaville–East. Presently, he serves on the Ashram’s Spiritual Life Board.


Lakshmi BarselRev. Lakshmi Barsel is a senior Integral Yoga teacher. She has taught Raja Yoga, meditation, and scripture classes on the Bhagavad Gita and the Thirukkural. She has a Ph.D. in linguistic anthropology and presently serves as the director of the Satchidananda Prison Project.