Basic Meditation

with Swami Gurucharanananda

BASIC MEDITATION   A calm and focused mind can achieve anything, and the beautiful science of meditation provides perfect tools for that calm and focus.

      Meditation: • Soothes the mind • Reduces stress • Brings you in touch with the peace within • Provides spiritual, emotional and physiological benefits • Enables you to become the master of your own mind • Is profound, simple, easy to learn and quickly rewarding

In this workshop, you will learn: • How to meditate • Ways to use meditation throughout the day and in various situations • A variety of techniques to enhance your meditation

Regardless of your previous experience, you will go home with the knowledge and inspiration to develop clarity, calmness and concentration that lead to self-mastery. Basic Meditation at YogavilleSwami Gurucharanananda, lovingly referred to as “Mataji,” is a senior monk-disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj.  She is one of our most popular teachers, at Yogaville and abroad.  Mataji serves in many capacities through Guest Services.  She enjoys waking you up! leading guided meditations, Hatha Yoga classes, and meditation workshops, and is a loved mentor/counselor to retreatants and guests.  She reads from Sri Gurudev’s talks and teachings during lunch, offers Guru-Puja and has a joy-filled smile for everyone!


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