Ayurvedic Vinyasa Flow

with Dani Vani McGuire

Ayurvedic-Vinyasa-Flow-at-YMuch of our vinyasa practice in the West is over-stimulating to our nervous system, and many times we are learning a style of Yoga that has worked well for that instructor, but may not be ideal for our own individual constitution. Let us explore our personal practice on a multi-dimensional level of holistic movement as Vani guides us through elemental Prana Flow sequences inspired by her teacher Shiva Rea and infused with somatics of her Yoga therapy experience.

Experience solar and lunar classes that are both challenging and life giving. Each session will cultivate a deeper awareness of dharma (deep purpose), intuition and embodiment of values, as we explore the ancient teaching of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, within a community that meets you where you are in this moment. Practice is Poetry. Life is Practice. Explore a personal sadhana for creating, sustaining and deepening every aspect of connection to ourselves and the world. Watch Dani Vani McGuire Vinyasa Flow Practice on YouTube

Friday Opening Session: 8–9:30 pm Introductions and Sacred Space Lunar Vinyasa Flow. Experience a lunar flow vinyasa Yoga class that follows the pancha maya model. This practice is both physically challenging and soothing on the nervous system. We will experience gentle heat building vinyasas, deep hip openers, chanting and meditation. Learn when and why this type of vinyasa flow practice is important as a teacher and practitioner of Yoga.

Satuday Morning Session: 9:30–11:30 am Inner Fire Practice. Enjoy this lecture on dharma as the radiance of our life along with a 90-minute heat building bakasana wave sequence that will increase our agni (“vitality”) for carrying out our purpose and our lives fully.

Saturday Afternoon Session: 3:30–5:30 pm Softening the Heart. This lecture + 90-minute slow-flow, heart-opening class will explore strengthening our immune system through gentle heart-openers and forearm balances that teach us to open our hearts for healing through all levels and dimensions of our body and soul.

Sunday Closing Session: 9:45 am-–1:15 Going Inward to Move Beyond. A lecture + 60-minute practice of Lunar Flow Vinyasa and Yoga nidra. We will explore “the lost limb,” Pratyahara, from the Ayurvedic perspective of internalizing our energy for healing. Weaving together ourselves and our practices into a sustainable lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Vinyasa Flow at YogavilleVani Dani McGuire has practiced Yoga since 1995, having studied Integral Yoga, Tantric and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, and Prana Flow Vinyasa. Her teaching is an alchemy of eastern philosophy and modern living. Using both life and practice as a way of inspiring self awakening, love, and devotion. She is author of Beginner and Beyond: A Hatha Yoga Practice, available on itunes; columnist for elephantjournal.com, and founder of PranaYoga School of Yoga and Holistic Health, and PranaYoga Foundation. Vani leads teacher trainings and workshops at conferences and studios around the world.

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