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with John Schlorholtz

Yoga Alliance: 20 hours (approximate)

Ageless Yoga Teaching Yoga to Our EldersAs our elders change in body and mind they need new approaches to help foster health. The models for body and mind work that took them through their middle years often are no longer a good fit. Yoga, with its insights into human development, is well suited to help people age harmoniously. When yoga teachers and health professionals study the changes aging brings we can serve our elders profoundly by knowing how to creatively and wisely adapt our teaching.

This workshop will seek to teach, experientially, numerous skills and techniques, with a focus on learning with humor and enjoyment. It will also seek to challenge common concepts about aging, yoga, and exercise. One of the mottos of the workshop comes from Sri T. Krishnamacharya: “Don’t adapt yourself to yoga; adapt yoga to yourself.”

Some subjects to expect to study:

  • Common injuries and health conditions among elderly students and methods to address them
  • The physical, mental, and emotional changes that come with aging and helpful approaches to take
  • Anatomy that is useful for elders and teachers of elders to know
  • Care of soul and spirit for elders
  • Yoga teachers, exercise instructors, health professionals, and anyone interested in healthy aging are invited

John SchlorholtzJohn Schlorholtz is a principal yoga instructor at the Harvard University Center for Wellness. He has worked with older adults extensively, both in individual therapy and in a variety of group settings. John was born and brought up in Pakistan and has traveled through much of India. He has led a number of trips to the Caribbean and India. Among important influences are Sri Aurobindo, Arthur Kilmurray, and the gentle, flowing style of Sri Krishnamacharya. John created the 2-volume Ageless Yoga DVD series. His teaching style is characterized by humor, knowledge of anatomy, insight, and story telling.