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with Meera Patricia Kerr, B.A., RYT

Adapted Yoga for Less Stress at YogavilleDo you (or someone you know) need the stress-busting benefits of Yoga but stay away because of physical challenges?  Extra weight?  Stiffness?  Injury?  Or are you just out of shape because life happened?  Big Yoga, an adapted Yoga program based on Integral Yoga, is for you!  Meera is expert in adapting Yoga for Any-Body and will show how to make Hatha Yoga comfortable and accessible.  This gentle approach to asana practice will help build strength, vitality and calm the stress response.

Adapted Yoga for Less Stress at Yogaville2In addition, we’ll explore other practices as well—chanting for its devotional aspect, but also for the profound health benefits of singing and the centering power of mantra.

Another tool for calming the mind is pranayama, the breathing practices which revitalize the system and turn off the stress response.

Based on Meera’s new book, Big Yoga for Less Stress, we’ll also explore various meditation techniques as they can be applied to specific stress challenges.

And, the dessert of our workshop—Yoga Nidra, the guided deep relaxation!

Adapted Yoga for Less Stress at YogavilleMeera Patricia Kerr, B.A., E-RYT, author of Big Yoga:  A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies has been teaching Yoga for over thirty-five years. As her body changed as she was getting older, she began to adapt traditional Yoga poses to accommodate her curves.  Meera shares her adaptations in her DVDs for home practice, as well as in her books.  Her new book, Big Yoga for Less Stress, focuses on Yoga-based stress management techniques.  You don’t have to be thin to enjoy the benefits of Yoga!




Adapted Yoga for Less Stress