The Injury-Free Yoga Practice

Registration begins Friday 4:00 PM, Program begins Friday 8:00 PM and ends on Sunday at 12:00 PM

As our yoga practice progresses and we attempt new poses, it becomes more challenging to advance safely. We may ask, “How do I move deeper without causing harm? How do I use my practice as a therapeutic tool?”

In this fun, interactive, and informative workshop, we break down many of the basic Integral Yoga sequence to learn:

  • Correct and safe yoga alignment, based on human anatomy principles and current yoga concepts
  • Bringing refinement, precision, and Prana fully into practice
  • How to identify harmful misalignment and remove trauma from your practice
  • How to use practice therapeutically for existing injuries and prevent new ones

The class is an on-the-mat class, taught completely through asana practice. There is limited lecture, allowing you to learn while doing. This workshop is designed to immediately transform your practice with instructions you will use in every asana.  This is an excellent program for students who are ready to refine their practice and bring attain their next level. Yoga teachers of all traditions will benefit greatly from this workshop as they learn to recognize injuries and simple ways to share alignment principles with their students in classes or one-on-one sessions.

This workshop is taught by Steven Weiss, MS, DC, RYT. He brings more than three decades of yoga and professional knowledge to his students.  Dr. Weiss is the author of the texts, The Injury-Free Yoga Practice and The Integrative Alignment Yoga Therapy Workbook.

Injury Free YogaSteven Weiss, MS, DC, RYT is a holistic chiropractor and nutritionist, yoga therapist and yoga teacher. Dr.Weiss teaches anatomy, alignment principles, yoga therapeutics and nutrition for yoga teacher trainings in the United States and around the world. Steven has been a faculty member for twenty years at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY where he presented yoga-based workshops and served as the resident chiropractor and nutritionist. He continues to teach at the Omega Institute as visiting yoga instructor and is currently post-graduate faculty with New York Chiropractic College, presenting the ChiroYoga Seminars.

Steven’s teaching is strongly influenced by his extensive chiropractic background in various structural bodywork systems, bringing a unique, hands-on approach to his workshops. A life-long athletic, Steven instructs classes in long distance running that utilize yogic principles. Dr. Weiss practices yoga therapy and teaches in Sarasota, Florida. He has developed the Integrative Alignment Yoga Therapy system, an alignment-based bodywork that combines yoga therapy with hands-on structural protocols that can be utilized by yoga teachers and therapists. More information can be found at

Steven is the author of the new and popular yoga text, The Injury-Free Yoga Practice, a comprehensive guide to alignment, anatomy and the prevention of yoga injuries. Visit for more book information.


Breath of Spring: Yoga Retreat in Cancer or Long-term Illness

Registration: Thursday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm.

Welcoming anyone stable in cancer or chronic illness, during or post-treatment, and their support people.

Join us for the 19th annual Yoga Therapy for People with Cancer & Chronic Illness Training (YCat) Yoga Retreat—time out to slow down, take stock, relax and experience the profound benefits of Yoga Therapy practices adapted to your specific needs, all in the gorgeous natural surroundings of Yogaville.

The YCat Retreat is hosted by Jnani Chapman, founder of YCat Yoga Therapy for People with Cancer and Chronic Illness Training, with senior YCat intern teachers and faculty. Attendance is appropriate for anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis, whether recent or long ago, who is stable in treatment or having post-treatment recovery issues, and also for anyone who is dealing with stable, chronic illness. Friends and family are welcome, too.

During the program you will experience many aspects of yoga. The practices are gentle and therapeutically adapted to the needs of each participant and will include movement, breathing, meditation, chanting and guided imagery. The YCat practice truly honors the body, mind and spirit. A practice that is gentle and subtle can be the most profound for healing to take place—When the body and mind can let go deeply, true inner peace and joy can re-emerge.

To maintain and deepen the benefits you experience, the Breath of Spring Retreat will also help you develop and maintain a regular home practice, including guidance to promote self-motivation and self-care.
All aspects of the retreat are optional—YCat is committed to each individual and the group’s safety and comfort.

For further information, please contact Devi Fitzsimmons, the YCat Retreat coordinator by phone at 703-930-8321 or by email at

Breath of Spring Yoga Retreat in Cancer or Long-term IllnessJnani Chapman, RN, BSN, CMT, E-RYT 500, founded and directs YCat Yoga Therapy. She is a Yoga therapist in integrative medicine at St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco and also teaches for elder services. Jnani was a stress management specialist for Dean Ornish, M.D.’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and currently teaches Yoga for his prostate cancer post-research group. She has been on staff for the Commonweal Cancer Help Program since 1986.

Building Your Sadhana: The Sweetness of Steady Practice

Mid-Week Special Interest Retreat

Registration Times 4:00-4:45 pm

In Patajali’s Yoga Sutras, he tells us that our sadhana – our spiritual practice – must be well attended-to, without pause, for a long time and in all earnestness in order for us to see progress towards lasting happiness.  This can seem too difficult for us and we might be tempted to give up!  However, we can see wonderful results in a short time when we understand the benefits of practice and its obstacles.  Most importantly, we have to design a realistic plan for success in sadhana!  The results will encourage us to continue onward. 

In this retreat we will:

  • Identify the benefits of regular practice for a spiritual seeker

  • Look at the essential elements of a steady practice and discuss each in    detail

  • Figure out why it is so challenging for spiritual seekers to begin and maintain practice

  • Find specific ways to overcome these obstacles

  • Design a personal sadhana plan that is perfectly suited to the life of each participant

  • Discuss checks and balances and getting the support we need to continue to grow in spirit

 Building Your Sadhana - The Sweetness of Steady PracticePrashanti (Carroll Ann) Friedmann has been a yoga teacher since 2007 and has her 500-hour certification through Integral Yoga.  She is studying to become an Integral Yoga Minister.  She has graduate degrees in religion from Princeton Seminary and the University of Virginia.  She teaches Raja Yoga and religion classes at the University of Virginia and in the Charlottesville community.  Her “regular job” is Chief Financial Officer of Trademark Tours LLC.  Prashanti belongs to a “Yoga family” – her husband and four children all practice some form of yoga.  They travel to India each winter to study asana, meditation, pranayama, scripture, chanting and Sanskrit with venerable teachers.

Re-igniting the Sacred Fires

Mid-Week Special Interest Retreat

Registration Times 4:00-4:45 pm

 The immortal soul (spirit) has plenty of time to decide on and to plan its Earth expedition(s). Well-supported with preparation and guidance from “Home”, we arrive flaming with spiritual purpose!

Then, daily life happened – the struggles, the dualities, the logistics of survival, the dense material merry–go–round. The fire, however, has not been quenched – but like a pilot light remains at the back of the burner, still glowing.

* This workshop will seek to re-ignite the sacred fires, to bring them into our awareness, and to experience the joy of inviting them back to living flame in a circle of like-minded seekers.

* We will work together, utilizing the wonderful teachings and practices of Sri Swami Satchidananda’s Living Yoga, as well as exercises, journaling, crafting, sharing and supporting the sacred fire of our spirits.

* We will experience the lessons of the Medicine Wheel and the connection to the power and vitality of nature as helper to the Sacred Child Fire.

“Great Spirit teaches us the sacred and the true and helps us to find our way back home into our hearts with you. ~From the prayer of Handsome Lake, prophet and elder


Rev. Dhyani Simonini is a longtime devotee of Sri Swami Satchidananda.  She became an Integral Yoga Minister in 1990.  She retired from Buckingham County High School, where she taught English, drama, and speech for thirty-one years and was instrumental in establishing the operation of a Student-owned Touring Theatre Company which specialized in public service tours.  She is currently captain of the Disaster Action Team (DAT) for Buckingham County through the American Red Cross.

Her lifelong love of Native American spirituality led her to becoming involved with phonetic transcription of the sacred songs and rituals.  She transcribed for Walker Calhoun, sacred firekeeper of the Cherokee nation, and for Doris Riverbird Woman, clan mother of the Lenape nation, who later adopted her and made her her legal representative for “all things Native American.”  She created a Native American medicine wheel on her property which she hopes will serve as a gathering place for Native ceremony and, later, intends to create a center for indigenous people on the property.

Energizing your Life

Mid-Week Special Interest Retreat

Registration: 4:00 pm-4:45 pm

Are you finding yourself low on energy? Unable to keep up with your daily routine?

Too tired at night to enjoy yourself? Losing your zest for life? Hummmm!

Then this may be just the retreat for you.

 In this workshop we will:

  • Learn simple practices to reenergize your life with Deep Relaxation, Breath work, meditations

  • Discover and remove blockages to your natural supply of energy

  • Recharge your heart chakra with a focus on gratefulness

  • Renew your body with easy yoga techniques

  • Balance work and play

  • N-joy the presence within the present

Energizing your Life at YogavilleRevs. Bhagavan and Bhavani Metro bring forty years of yogic experience and teaching into this retreat, offering freely of their own struggles, successes and insights. Over the last 33 years, their company, New Age Builders, built most of the buildings at Yogaville. Their large family is comprised of 5 generations living at Yogaville. Personally guided by Sri Swami Satchidananda, they have gleaned rich techniques from the Integral Yoga teachings to support an energetic, loving, compassionate, and joyful journey through life.

They invite you to come experience a restful, peaceful and enlightening retreat.


Surfing in the Sea of Change

Mid-Week Special Interest Retreat

Registration Times 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

It may seem that there’s nothing you can do about the speed of change in your life. The economy fluctuates, your career has ups and downs, and important family decisions often need to be made quickly. This retreat will help you to have more options than you thought possible to “surf” the waves of change with balance, courage & joyful discovery.

Stress can be the impetus moving you to find and master the vast power of your inner being. Yoga practices and ancient wisdom provide the key to a creative joyful life.

This special interest retreat is for both, beginners and experienced students, as they seek to develop their potential mastery over the challenges of daily life.

Surfing the Sea of Change at YogavilleSwami Vidyananda, E-RYT 500, has enjoyed many different roles in her life, including radio news reporter, translator for Swami Satchidananda and video producer. She has been teaching Integral Yoga since 1972. She is a versatile teacher, specializing in workshops on Stress Management as well as Yoga and the Emotions. Swami Vidyananda has taught in the US, Canada, Europe, India and Australia. She currently lives and teaches Integral Yoga at Yogaville, VA.


SURFING IN THE SEA OF CHANGERev. Devaja Ciccolella came to Integral Yoga through a work associate in 2001.  Since then he has completed his certification in Integral Yoga Hatha level 1 & 2. Early 2004 found Rev. Devaja living at the San Francisco IY center, taking on the service as office manager, teaching Hatha classes, attending integral Yoga workshops.

In 2004 Rev. Devaja moved to Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville where he continued certifications in Raja T.T. and Laughter Yoga T.T.

In 2011 Rev. Devaja was ordained an Integral Yoga Minister and recently was given the honor to serve as the Director of I.Y Minister Seminarians.



Surfing in the Sea of Change 3.17.15 v4


Dive Deep Within

Mid-Week Special Interest Retreat

Registration Times 4:00-4:45 pm

Dive deep within and experience your Cosmic Self.

That Self, as Peace and Joy, is always there, for THAT is the REAL YOU!

During this retreat, we will go deep inside to reveal The True You. As the deep Artesian well provides the purest water, venture below your normal surface living, to uncover the Light of the Ocean of Pure Awareness.

That Light of Awareness radiates from within you and inspires all the activities of your life.

Come, join this midweek retreat:

* Where through Yoga and meditation practices, you will explore deeper levels of your Self.

* Where deeper awareness enables you to uncover the abundance of peace and joy already within you.

* Where gaining steadiness in the Cosmic Self will allow this Peace and Joy to manifest in your life.

Dive Deep Within at YogavilleSwami Gurucharanananda, lovingly referred to as “Mataji” is a senior monk-disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj. She is one of our most inspiring speakers and most popular teachers in Yogaville and sought out around the world for her counsel. She enjoys waking you up! leading guided meditations, Hatha yoga classes and meditation workshops, and is a loved mentor/counselor to retreatants and guests.

She reads from Sri Gurudev’s talks and teachings during lunch, offers Guru-Puja and has a joy-filled smile for everyone!




Dive Deep Within 2.17.15 v4

The Spirit of Health: Keeping Your Resolutions for a Happy & Healthy New Year

Mid-Week Special Interest Retreat

Registration Times 4:00-4:45 pm

How many times have you made New Year resolutions to have a healthier, happier lifestyle, only to find that the inspiration and dedication needed to manifest your resolve, dissolves very quickly!

On this retreat Dr. Amrita M.D., our Yogaville Integrative Medical Practitioner, will:

1. Inspire you to live a healthy yogic lifestyle

2. Share with you ways to feel good inside and out

3. Give helpful ways to radiant health

4. Share many ideas on how to begin and maintain your

healthy diet and lifestyle

Enjoy this retreat, so you can serve yourself and your family better and be an inspiration to all. Treat yourself to this timely Gift!


The Spirit of Health at Yogaville2Amrita (Sandra) McLanahan, M.D., is a nationally recognized authority on preventive medicine, nutrition, stress reduction and primary family health care.

As a Director of Stress Management Training at the Preventative Medicine Research Institute for the past 20 years, she worked with Dr. Dean Ornish to document the benefits of dietary change and stress management to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Dr. McLanahan is the author of the book Surgery and it’s Alternatives:  How to Make the Right Choices for Your Health, and is the medical consultant for the book Dr. Yoga.



Spirit of Health 1.20.15 v3

Supercharge Your Wellbeing: Lovingkindness Diet & Lifestyle

Registration begins Friday 4:00 PM, Program begins Friday 8:00 PM and ends on Sunday at 12:00 PM


Fruit BowlIf you want to feel supercharged & contribute to the well being of all, this workshop is perfect for you!

You will discover how the Lovingkindness Plant-Based Diet & Lifestyle:
Supercharges your health, increases your energy, boosts your immune system & improves your overall feeling of well-being!

Reverses heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases & a multitude of other health issues
Alleviates animal abuse, world hunger, water pollution & shortages, deforestation, climate destabilization & ocean devastation.

Fun & easy ways to transition to a plant- based diet
How to naturally glide into your ideal weight
Resources for delicious & nutritious recipes & menus
The ramifications of your food choices
The spiritual, psychological & physiological benefits of practicing Ahimsa (non-violence)
Creative ways to lovingly share your journey with your family & friends including handouts to take home

Non- vegetarians: Learn how to gracefully transition into being a vegetarian.Supercharge Your Wellbeing2

Vegetarians: Learn how to gracefully transition into being a vegan.

Vegans: Learn how to gracefully transition into being a thriving vegan & educator.
All of this & more in a beautiful, loving, fun & supportive group setting nestled in the heart of Yogaville! Transform your life & transform our planet one delicious bite at a time!


Supercharge Your Wellbeing at YogavilleMeenakshi Angel Honig, E-RYT 500, is dedicated to peace and loving kindness. She has studied with the highly revered and deeply loved Yoga Master His Holiness, Reverend Sri Swami Satchidananda, since the age of 16. Meenakshi Angel is an internationally acclaimed certified Integral Yoga Instructor & Teacher Trainer with over  40 years of Teaching experience including television instruction. She served as the premier Mind, Body, Spirit  Yoga Instructor & Stress Management Consultant at the Grand Wailea Resort on Maui for over 17 years. She currently teaches on Maui as well as on her national & international Teaching Tours.

She is the Author of 9 Books & has produced 4 DVDs & one CD.

Her work is endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. John Gray, Alan Cohen & Sri Swami Satchidananda.

Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health: Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life

Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health at Yogaville2Dao Flow is a yoga style for women’s health that expands the traditional actions of yoga poses to illuminate the healing energetics of the acupuncture meridian system. Dao Flow gives women potent, everyday tools to fully step back into their lives–healthy and full of potential. Women can be strong, healthy, authentic, and vibrant throughout their whole lives.

During this immersion workshop you will learn Dao Flow Yoga techniques that braid together The Dao, Chinese medicine acupuncture meridians, and modern medicine together with yoga to balance your jing/essence, rasa and ojas, the analog to hormones. Come learn how to sync your cycle with lunar and solar energies, and to pack qi/prana deep into the pelvic bowl–your personal fountain of resiliency and youth. Discover how radical presence is the only self-care technique you really need! Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health at Yogaville3

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Dao Flow Yoga.

  • Learn To Optimize and Heal Your Hormones

  • Learn Yoga techniques to turn on your Endocrine Glands

  • Discover the Two Main Female Cycles: The Solar and Lunar Rhythms of Nature

This workshop is appropriate for women of all life stages and skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand new to the art, you’ll find this workshop revitalizing, inspiring, and transformational. 50% didactic, 50% experiential/practice.

Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health at YogavilleDr. Robin Saraswati Markus, DAOM, E-RYT, is a holistic gynecologist whose yoga practice began in 1998 in Southern California studying primarily within the Ashtanga yoga tradition with Tim Miller. She completed her first teacher training with him in 2003 and soon after began integrating yoga with Chinese medicine in her medical practice. She has been spreading her love of Yoga for women ever since. She is the founder of Nourishing Life Center of Health: Integrative Medicine for Women, which weaves together Chinese medicine and Yoga, along with modern medicine, into one healing cord.