Yogaville: Yoga Teacher Training, Retreats and Programs

Jnana Yoga; Journey into Awareness

with Swami Daasyananda, Prajapati Swaine, Ph.D.

Join us to experience the Unchanging Eternal Awareness that is always present in every moment of our daily lives.

May 20 - 23


Clarifying and Creating a Life That You Love

with Meenakshi Angel Honig

Are you living a life that you really love? If not, then this Playshop is perfect for you! Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Learn how to use the power of love to transform your life.

Jul 4 - 6


Yoga and Kayaking

with Bhaskar Deva

Join Bhaskar Deva for a fun weekend of kayaking down the James River. The day begins with early morning meditation, hatha yoga and of course, a hearty breakfast.. Then our adventure down the river begins!

Jul 25 - 27


Camp Yogaville®

with Sam Eberle, Rev. Sam Rudra Swartz

Camp Yogaville is Integral Yoga® for kids—a week-long summer camp for children ages eight to twelve, held at Yogaville. It’s a great opportunity for kids to enjoy a week in the country, learn about Yoga and have lots of fun doing traditional camp activities, such as hiking, swimming, and crafts.

Jul 27 - Aug 3