LOTUS – A Call to Action!

The Light Of Truth Universal Shrine is Sri Swami Satchidananda’s spiritual vision that found full, timely, and concrete expression on U.S. soil. For the last 30 years, the LOTUS has uplifted the perception and hearts of many towards the real possibility of Unity and Peace.
LOTUS fundraising

Due to the natural wear and tear of time and weather, this sacred symbol of Universal Light is in need of urgent repair. Therefore, we invite each and all of you to join us in the privilege of becoming a part of the repair of LOTUS now and its continuous upkeep throughout the years to come.

Our goal is to cover the cost of necessary repairs estimated at $350,000 and to inspire a commitment from friends, family, and supporters to gratefully fund the ongoing yearly upkeep in the amount of $40,000, in order to maintain and preserve the LOTUS for the benefit of all for generations to come.

Your good will and tax-deductible donations will help fund
the following repairs and projects in the LOTUS complex:

Shrine Exterior: $150,000
Replacement of the multi-layered resin, fleece, and waterproofing membrane of the Shrine; paint and clear coat.

Shrine Interior

Upper Level: $95,000
Stucco; refinishing wooden altars and doors, lighting, and replacement of the neon central Light with fiber optics

Lower Level: $16,000
New carpeting to replace current 30-year old ooring; ceiling tiles

Three Reflecting Pools and Waterfalls: $36,000

Two Grand Archways: $22,000
Upper road entrance and reception building

Reception and Gift Shop Buildings: $6,000

Exterior Lighting and Perimeter Fencing: $25,000

LOTUS fundraising
LOTUS fundraising

Total estimated cost for current,
long-overdue repairs and improvements:

Total average annual maintenance and operations budget, including labor, materials, and salaries

Drops make oceans

You are invited to contribute in whatever way you can. Compared to the millions or billions required to accomplish things in today’s world, the amount needed may indeed be very little for those with financial fexibility. For LOTUS supporters with limited funds, your smallest donation is most welcome.

When Sri Gurudev envisioned the LOTUS, He wanted everyone to be a part of it. What matters is that all of us are involved, whether in a small or large way. Let us take great pride in our spiritual heritage, remembering all that we have been given by Sri Gurudev. Let us walk together, talk together, think together, and live together in peace.

Please give generously according to your capacity. With the love of our hearts poured into our financial support, raising the needed funds can be an easy task with benefit for all. Thank you!

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