Ashram Life

Key Teaching of the Month – June 2013

Perfection in Action is Yoga.
On a daily basis, can you raise your standards of action to the best you can do, without being attached to the results of your actions?

Key Teaching of the Month – April 2013

Key Teaching of the Month – April 2013 Work is Worship. “How do you “spiritualize” your duties, job, as well as any responsibilities in life? How do you experience the joy of service in what you do?”

Yogaville Meal Prayer

Learn the Yogaville meal prayer. Listen and follow along with the Sanskrit and English translation of this daily Integral Yoga prayer.

Key Teaching of the Month – January 2013

The Goal of Yoga is to be Easeful, Peaceful and Useful. Can you identify something you do in your life that disturbs your ease and peace? ~H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda Join the Discussion Group on Facebook.