Forgiveness by Swami Karunananda

Forgiveness is an act of choice. It is not about denying, condoning, or excusing hurtful actions. Rather, it is the letting go of resentment or revenge, even when they seem warranted, and offering instead mercy and love.

Full Moon Passover Seder – April 15, 2014

Featured Guests and Events: Prahladan Mandelkorn & Ariel Lippman Schedule: 6:00pm Passover Seder (Seating is limited.  Reservations needed.) Location:  Mathru Bhavan due to the renovation of Sivananda Hall **Following the Passover Seder, we will have a special supper ($10.00 suggested donation or meal pass).  Please reserve one week prior via the Ashram Reservation Center (ARC).