Satsang & Events

Guru Poornima Celebration 2012

On the annual sacred occasion of Guru Poornima, devotees worldwide pay homage to their Guru. Over the weekend we will honor our Gurudeva, His Holiness Sri Swami Satchidananda, celebrate the Divine Light at the heart of all spiritual traditions and enjoy the company of our Integral Yoga family, friends and guests.

8:00  am Guru Puja at Chidambaram
9:00  am Chanting at Sivananda Hall
10:30 am Light of Truth Universal Service at Sivananda Hall
12:00 pm Darshan at Ananda Kutir for Guests
1:00  pm Luncheon (compliments of the Ashram)
3:00  pm Interfaith Panel at LOTUS All Faiths Hall
7:30  pm Jai Gurudev Celebration at Sivananda Hall

Interfaith Service in SH